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Back from Detroit

I am back from Detroit. Got home, dropped my bags, passed out on my couch, slept six hours, despite having slept at least 3-4h on the plane (a record for me). Woke up to find my throat was sore. I am afraid I caught a cold during this trip.

The Corey & Joel live show was pretty good, you should grab it when it’s available for download next week. I am not on the show, just a spectator.

Departure was delayed by 1h because the Department of Homeland Security guys had to re-check every passport. Germans were allowed to just pass through. US citizens had to explain themselves: Why are you leaving the country? How long will you stay? What do you do for a living? Well, and the Arab looking people and the semi-cute Nigerian chick got searched.

To add injury to insult, I had to fly Economy class. Flying business class is something I will really miss. At least I had a really good seat on my way to Detroit. And the cabin crew was really great too. But I do have to talk to someone about the economy class breakfast. Bah!

Vienna For Ten Hours

I am back from Vienna – I went there to meet my dear friend, Anna. Arrived an hour late, at 12:00, due to a broken brake on the airplane. Helped Anna with her luggage and then we went out on the town, doing a little bit of sightseeing, had lunch, the usual bits.

Vienna is actually pretty nice, they really dressed the city up for the holidays. Of course it’s hard to get a thorough look at the city in such a short time. Still, I had a really good time, and it was very nice to see Anna again after all these years.

I went back to Frankfurt at 7pm – Hotel rooms for the night were ~200 Euro, and since Anna went back to Moscow at 10pm anyway there wasn’t really a point in staying.