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Sleepless in Munich

Well – Not quite. I fell asleep sometime after 4pm and woke up sometime after 9pm. Guess I really needed it – the sucky part is, it will just result in insomnia again. I know they say you should get about seven to eight hours of sleep per night; I get around six on a good night. Usually, it’s between four and five. If you think that’s cool in any way, then you clearly never had this problem.

Tomorrow I’ll go on a little road trip with two of my co-workers; I hope that’ll tire me out enough for a good night’s sleep.

Munich – German Museum

1546Went to the **Deutsches Museum** (“German Museum”) today. Despite it’s name, it’s really all about technology. It’s a great destination for a geek. They have everything there: Rockets, helicopters, planes, ships, train engines, typography devices including one my dad used to use when I was a kid, an old Zuse and even a cray supercomputer. I didn’t take a photo of the later because some female school girl was sitting on the bench around it and I didn’t feel like coming across as the old guy who either chases kids away, or tries to take photos of 15 year old girls. (Don’t think they would have understood the significance of the CRAY.)

The trip overall was pretty fun even though the Weather was totally crappy, however. To make up for it, the host of the show “Aktenzeichen XY… Ungelöst” sat next to me (nice guy really), and on the flight back our plane was hit by lightning.

So it was an exciting day.

I’ve uploaded [photos from my trip](/v/deutschesmuseum2004/).