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Big Movie Short Review List

Watched some movies recently…

  • Alien vs Predator 1: Watchable, if you like Aliens or Predators. Switch off your brain first though. The Weyland tie-ins are neat.
  • V for Vendetta: Well filmed, a bit too predictable and hard to suspend disbelief in a few places. Good message I guess. Definitely watchable – once. Not a classic.
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars. Actually the movie is just the first few episodes of the show added together. Once you understand it, it becomes cool – the show is definitely better than the prequels. Recommended for any Star Wars or Science Fiction fan.
  • Iron Man: Fun bubble-gum movie. Definitely one of the entertaining comic superhero movies. Recommended.
  • The Dark Knight: It could be an excellent movie, if they had left out the half-burnt guy’s subplot at the end; it was, overall, about a half-hour too long. Also, the cellphone sonar thing was dumb. Keith Ledger really did do a good job, the Batman actor was too wooden.
  • Chicken Run: Watched this years ago, still a fun movie. It’s an Aardman animation (of Wallace & Grommit fame). Awesome movie, too, if you like Wallace & Grommit, you’ll love this one.
  • The Mummy: Another movie I watched a long time ago; good, straight-forward Indiana-Jones style fun. Highly recommended.

Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a movie I watched a long time ago, but it seems I never gave my opinion here, so without further delay…

Spirited Away DVD Cover

The young Chihiro moves to another town with her parents. As her father takes a short-cut, they end up in a decommissioned amusement park – something that isn’t very unusual in Japan. It’s deserted, but yet there are food stands, and the parents gorge themselves despite Chihiro’s wish to go. Things begin to go really weird at this point: The parents turn into huge pigs (literally), and Chihiro is trapped in a weird fantasy land. She ends up in a bath house for gods, and has to work there while trying to save her parents and escape.

To make it short, I totally love this move. It’s well-drawn, in a great style that just screams “mystical fairy tale land”. The characters are nicely-created as well, even though there are some bits in the second half of the movie that betray its Disney funding. The atmosphere is one of sense of wonder, and I kind of wish that we could explore this strange world further.

If you like fantasy movies and/or Japanese anime, you should definitely watch this movie. Even if you are not into Anime, Spirited Away is fairly mainstream… so give it a try anyway. It’s also very appropriate for children – there is some blood, but nothing truly terrifying I think.

Two thumbs up – this is an awesome movie.

Donnie Darko (Director’s Cut)

I bought the Director’s Cut DVD of Donnie Darko a long time ago and wanted to *finally* post the review. I didn’t know this movie before I saw the DVD; but it sounded interesting so I shelled out the money.

Donnie Darko is about time travel and parallel universes, and mixes a dark atmosphere and scary imagery with what almost seems like a typical high school flick (but really isn’t).

The Director’s Cut is 128 minutes and thus 20 minutes longer than the original version. The package includes 2 DVD’s, one with the movie itself and one with extras.

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We – a co-worker and I – went to watch Spider-Man yesterday.

Who or what is Spider-Man? Well, he’s a super-hero, created when a shy school-boy named Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider. When he fails to stop a criminal who subsequently kills his uncle, Peter Parker realizes that he must use his powers to fight injustice – Spider-Man is born. The radioactive spider is nicely updated to a genetically engineered one in this movie. We get to see Peter’s first attempts at using his superpowers, and so on. A goodly amount of the movie is spent on establishing the characters. But this doesn’t hurt – it’s fun.

What can I say, the movie is fine. It’s not boring (except the love scenes near the end, but hey, it’s just about still bearable), good action, drama, and appropriate comedy. The actors did a rather good job of portraying believable characters. I think the one thing I disliked most was the costume of the evil guy. The comparison to X-Men – the last modern superheroes movie – is favorably for Spider-Man: The story is not so much better as it is told better.

We paid 3 Euro, so I guess I can’t complain. If you haven’t seen Spider-Man yet, go watch it, you probably won’t regret. If you can catch a showing (or the DVD, once it’s out), you should give this movie a chance. If you like the super-hero genre at all, you won’t be disappointed.