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Voyage Home

I have arrived back home safe and sound.

I had a lot of luck on the way back. I actually got a business class seat, while some other passengers had to stay behind – there had been a snowstorm on the east coast, and all the planes back to the Old World were overbooked. Enjoyed a nice dinner, several James Bond movies on the in-flight entertainment system, and arrived in Frankfurt half an hour ahead of time. Took a cab home – and the driver made it in under 20 minutes. Record time.

I’d like to extend a big “Thanks” to Joel, Corey, and all the other guys I met. Especially though to the two guys for putting up with me, I promise not to stay so long for the next live show, if I can make it anyway.

And by the way: My half-diet made me lose 1.5kg while in the States. Not too bad!

The Funhouse with Upchuck The Clown

Last night was another radio night. This time I was taken to the ICP studio in south-western Detroit, where Psychopathic Records produces their online radio program, Wfuckoff Radio. Upchuck the Clown hosts a biweekly show called “The Funhouse”, together with his intern Andrea. I was to be a guest and see how that magic happens. This week, they had another visitor from Germany, as coincidence would have it: Hatchet Hans, a psychopathic serial killer on the run from Interpol. Scary looking dude, with tatoos all over, clad in black leather, and a large scar on the left side of the face.

The show was quite fun. After taking the first couple of calls Upchuck presented Andrea the intern with a slutty school-girl dress she was to wear during next week’s Tempest release party. Later on, Sampler X, a crazy 45 year old white rapper-wannabe from the ‘hood in Southfield called in. He was angry as hell that Upchuck wouldn’t play his songs. There were some other good callers too, like a stoned school janitor. Eventually Upchuck decided to wrestle Andrea in preparation to his fight agains the Corporal on Tuesday. Good fun, all of it.

Everybody at Psychopathic was really nice, and it was fun to sit and watch the show (except maybe Hans, who gave me the creeps). Thank you all, that was a good night.

_Update:_ The show is available for download [here](http://wfuckoffradio.com/archives/upchuck_the_clown_20070315.mp3) via the [WFuckoff Radio download page](http://wfuckoffradio.com/archives/download.php) (select The Funhouse from the drop-down list, it’s the March 15th episode).

The Corey and Joel Radio Show Roast

Last night was the 2nd aniversary show, the Corey and Joel Roast. It took place, as has been mentioned before, at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, a place that was quite a bit bigger than Bart’s. The guys set up while I fought with the fast food we had bought just an hour earlier – what Whitecastle hadn’t accomplished, Wendy’s did for me. I shan’t elaborate.

The show itself was okay. There were some really good lines, and some really bad ones. Of course I had to endure stupid Nazi jokes (I’ll say that anybody who tries Nazi jokes on a person born 30 years after the war ended had no right to lecture me on humour). Many of the roasters and roastees were former guests of the radio show; Rob the announcer of course was there; Chill, Mike Lundy, John Tortalot (sp?), Bill Hildebrandt, Steve Sabo, roastmeister PJ, Horetense the Puppet of Low Self Esteem, and the entire thing was moderated by Russ Brown. There were a few other guys who hadn’t been on the show but whose name I can’t remember. I probably forgot some people, I mean no offense. Missing were Sal Demilio (who was ill) and Bill Bushard (who was simply missing in (from) action). Steffanie was in the audience (I am sorry, Steff, for the jokes I attracted into your direction like a lightning rod. Next time I shall sit somewhere in a dark corner. 😉 ) and I did finally got to meet Nadia, who is much, much smaller than I had imagined, but otherwise just as energetic as she is on the show.

After the show ended, some of the people ended up hanging around, and we all went for some snacks and drinks at a bar around the corner. That, too, was fun, and ended just in time for us to get into a weird snow-ice-rain storm on the way “back home”.

All in all that was a fun day. I think that anybody who enjoys the Corey and Joel radio show will also enjoy the live show. It’ll be posted next week (on the actual aniversarry I assume) so you will all get a chance to listen to it.

_Update:_ The roast is available for download [here](http://www.coreyandjoelradio.com/archives/2007/03/corey_and_joel_110.html) and [here](http://www.coreyandjoelradio.com/archives/2007/03/corey_and_joel_111.html)

Mickey Avalon

In the evening the guys and I went to a small performance by [Mickey Avalon](http://www.mickeyavalon.com/). It wasn’t so bad, although [the noise levels almost killed me](http://www.coreyandjoelradio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1610#1610). There were plenty of cute chicks there, though, which somewhat compensated for the pain. (I’ll post the photographic evidence later.)

After the show, Corey, Joel and I went to have a bite of food. Ended up at the [Sweetwater Tavern](http://www.metrotimes.com/metropolis/restaurants/place.asp?id=5442) after it turned out [Slow’s BBQ](http://slowsbarbq.com/)’s kitchen was already closed. Sandwich time. Cute waitresses there too.

We let the evening end in a few mellow matches of Worms, which is as fun as always. Got dropped off at the hotel at like 2:45. I tried to read a little but I think I passed out immediately and slept til like 11:00 am.


Every trip to Detroit must include a scary food experience. Last time it was [Coney Island](/2006/03/24/things-that-go-bump-in-the-night/), and this time this experience was to be Whitecastle.

Joel and I stopped there after a little tour of the city. Think he had a lot of fun as I tried to eat the foamy, moist, not-quite-hamburgers. The texture of the roll is already not great, but the – is it meat? – well, let us not talk about it.

I do have to say that Whitecastle hamburgers, after you have managed to swallow a bite, are not quite as bad as the Coney was (which I could not get myself to eat). But it does have lasting aftereffects. For most of the rest of the day, you’ll have these small burps and when you do that the taste and smell of the Whitecastle burgers will just come up again. And that is, well, just vile.

The Corey and Joel Radio Show #111

That was a fun day. Got up late, did some work on personal stuff, then got picked up by Joel. We just ran some errands, then went to the [palatial studio](/2006/03/24/the-palatial-studio/) where we awaited the co-host and other guest (announcer Rob). And when they did, [the show](http://www.coreyandjoelradio.com/) got started. Rob did some new announcements for the guys, and then the main show began. It was a very fun show. They had Rob and me do the announcement, and I stumbled very much at the beginning. It’s tough when you’re not used to a microphone in front of your face. I think I eventually did okay though.
I will not tell you much about the content of the show. Yes, the guys couldn’t stop themselves from more bad Germany- and Holocaust jokes, but at least this time I was there to boo them for it.

Overall it was an interesting experience.

After the show Corey, Joel and I went for a bite (which turned out to be far more difficult than it should be in this 24×7 based economy). When we finally found a place I was being good and ordered a tomato and mozarella salad. I really do not want to return home heavier than I left it.
There’s really not much more to this day. Go listen to the podcast when it comes out.

_Update:_ You can download the show at the [Corey and Joel Radio Show](http://www.coreyandjoelradio.com/archives/2007/03/corey_and_joel_105.html) homepage.

Arrival in Detroit

Arrived in Detroit without problems, although I can’t say this year’s flight was nearly as nice as last year’s. And, just in time for my vacation, I am coming down with a cold. So far it’s not too bad. I just hope it does not develop into the flu my coworker Stefan had.

Immigration was hassle-free again, and so was customs. “Any tabacco or alcohol?” – “No” – “Have a nice day.” He didn’t even look at the form, I think, before signing it. Such enthusiasm.

I took a cab to the hotel/motel and eventually ended up hanging out with the guys. If they ever tell you they are not geeks then they are kidding themselves. Their favorite tv past-time these days is watching The Amazing Race – twice, because they end up using the replay feature on the DVR a lot. Still, I have to admit that it was relatively amusing.

The girl working the recption of the **Travelodge Royal Oak** when I checked in was quite fascinated with the high-tech id cards and passports we have in Europe. “I think it’s neat how they cut those lines into the photo so you can’t replace it”. She ended up wanting to buy a 5 Euro note from me, for her daughter, when she saw them. “She’s eight and they’re just learning about Indonesia in school, I am sure Germany will come up too.” I’d have just given it to her but she insisted on paying the normal exchange rate. I figure she could always get her money back by bringing the Euro note to a bank. I gave her one of each type of Euro coins I had left, too, as a freebie. All in the name of transatlantic friendship.

Wasn’t that many anyway. Note to self: Next time you travel, have more European coins in the wallet. People like these.

The motel is Okay, but I gotta say that for the same money I have stayed in much better places. Then again I have also stayed in much worse places, sometimes for not that much less money. In the end it is just for sleeping and recharging phone, notebook, and so on. Which isn’t actually all that easy, as of course the room has no spare wall socket, like so many hotels. Do they really think that nowadays, travellers have no need to recharge anything? And, do they likewise think that I am too proud to unplug the TV or another device to achieve that? Of course this place does not have an Internet connection either, and there are no wireless networks within range. At least I have room number 2^7-1.

To make up for it I got the complete entertainment program. The people in the next room woke me up at 8am by having noisy sex, which they then turned into a conversation which turned into a big fight. Kinda like animals chasing each other away after mating. Pretty much the kind of noise I remember of motels from years gone by.

Tonight’s schedule is episode #111 of the Corey and Joel Radio Show, guests will be Rob the announcer and, it seems, me.

Departure from Frankfurt

I am about to call a cab and head for the airport. If all goes well I shall be in Detroit by tonight. When I was writing down all the addresses I may need, I found out that I am being used as [advertisement for the Roast](http://www.comedycastle.com/corey-joel.htm) on the website of Mike Ridley’s Comedy Castle. Which is entirely cool with me, but I must say I found it very amusing.

I’ll see you all on the other side.

Detroit 2007 – Itinerary

It’s 2007 and I am about to embark on the first travel of the year. I am going to go to Detroit for the [2nd anniversarry live show](http://www.coreyandjoelradio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=249) of the [Corey and Joel Radio Show](http://www.coreyandjoelradio.com/). Unlike [last year](/category/travelogue/detroit-2006/) I won’t fly there on a 48 hour tour de force. Instead I am staying for several days. I am not getting any younger.

My current travel plan is as follows:

* Sunday, March 11th: Flight to Detroit, arrival 5pm local
* Monday, March 12th: Whatever
* Tuesday, March 13th: Sit in on regular show
* Wednesday, March 14th: [The](http://www.coreyandjoelradio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=249) [Roast](http://www.comedycastle.com/corey-joel.htm)
* Thursday, March 15th: Tag along to [The Funhouse with Upchuck The Clown](http://wfuckoffradio.com/wfko.php/shows/10) and sit quietly in some corner while Upchuck has his way with Andrea The Intern and stoned Juggalos.
* Friday, March 16th: Return flight to Frankfurt
* Saturday, March 17th: Arrival at home

I will blog from the road whenever I get the opportunity for it. Unfortunately my hotel won’t have Internet access.