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The Place to Avoid in Cap-Ferret: Il Giardino…

…but not for the reasons you might think.

Il Giardino is a restaurant in Cap Ferret, France. In August 2013, a customer was unhappy about the service. Like million other people in the Internet age, she blogged about her experience.

Unfortunately for her, her blog post got ranked rather highly by Google, and this seems to have cost the owner of the restaurant business. Which, as you may understand, is the point of a review: Helping you readers make an informed choice on where to go and spend their money.

Instead of handling this in a professional matter, the owner of Il Giardino chose to sue the unhappy customer and a french court ruled in his favor. It should be noted that the judge ruled simply on the basis of the title and the high Google ranking and not – as the owner had wanted – the entire review.

So on the surface, Il Giardino is still getting its way. Intimidated by the ordeal, the original author took the article down and plans not to appeal. Of course the owner did not expect this lawsuit to make international news. And already, if you google for the place, you get towns of news articles, blog posts and reviews that not only point out that Il Giardino is happy to sue their own customers, but also that it’s because of a bad review.

Truly mission accomplished, Il Giardino.