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Last Day of Photo Updates

2423As promised, I’m going to be done with all the photo updates today. However, before I do that, I just had to do one final big update to the photo Galleries.

First, I have added even more Paris photos. (As [Anna said](/2006/07/16/photos-from-paris/#comment-1257), I have been in Paris a million times.) These photos are from my [Paris trip 2005](/v/paris2005/) with Wenny. Some nice photos there of things I hadn’t taken photos of before: Versailles, Notre Dame, and we were on top of the Eiffel tower, too. Unfortunately, it was in Autumn, so the weather wasn’t perfect.

2002Next up are photos from the [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, vacation](/category/travelogue/kuala-lumpur-2006/). I had a few of them online before, but that was just a tiny share of the pictures I took. Today I have added about 100 more [photos from Kuala Lumpur](/v/kuala-lumpur-2006/), as well as some from Genting; so enjoy.

2528Last but not least I have also added photos from the recent [voyage to Indonesia](http://www.geektravel.info/category/travelogue/indonesia-2006/) – again [over 100 photos](/v/indonesia2006/). It’s a representative selection of the pictures we made over there, and I think you’ll like them.

Now all I have to do is fix the titles and descriptions of all of them. Oh my. 🙂

This is no Occident

1996I am a sucker for those small details, when and if I notice them. Sometimes they spring into your face immediately, and sometimes it takes just a little while to figure them out. When we arrived in our hotel room, I didn’t oppen the drawer of the desk immediately. I didn’t really expect to find anything there, I was more interested of storing something there. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when the drawer contained not a “Holy Bible” – or even a Koran, Malaysia being a muslim country afterall – but a book containing “The Teachings of Buddha”. Wenny thought someone forgot it there, but I am pretty convinced that the hotel is owned by a Buddhist.

1999I did notice another strange feature of our room immediately after arriving. Someone had glued an arrow to the ceiling, pointing into what seemed a random direction. I didn’t really think much about it – being jetlagged and all – but when we arrived in [Genting Highlands](/2006/01/23/kuala-lumpur-to-genting-highlands/) Wenny told me the obvious explanation: That little arrow is a feature of pretty much every hotel room in Malaysia, and it points towards Mecca – as a convenience to the many Muslim guests so they don’t have to bring a compass everywhere they go. Kinda neat. I like it. And if I owned a hotel in Europe I’d add these arrows to all the rooms too. Maybe Muslim guests would be a small minority, but it’s so little effort for a nice gesture.

And I’m sorry for the pun.

Genting Highlands to Kuala Lumpur

Slow lines, horrible setup, insecure machines. Get out before you pay.

No really huge updates. We got back from Genting Highlands alright and started to hang out KUL. Read: Food and shopping – as I am travelling with a woman afterall 😉 No offense. We also checked for digital cameras and notebooks, but I found nothing worth the hassle of taking it back to Germany – no great savings it seems.

We went up the Petronas Towers today, which is something I cannot advise you to do. You’ll usually have to queue really early, and then you only get to travel up to the sky bridge on the 44th floor. For 10 minutes. And since it’s morning, there are so many reflections in the windows you can’t even take decent photos. Not worth the hassle – we’ll definitely try for the Kuala Lumpur (TV) Tower as well.

Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highlands

92After we arrived at our hotel in KUL, I was not to have much rest. Wenny had us go out and I had my first impression of Kuala Lumpur. It’s warm, it’s humid, and it’s full of people. And cars.

We went to the monorail and from there went to meet Wenny’s brother at the KL Convention Center (KLCC), which is right next to the famous Petronas Towers. We had some food there and did some essential shopping.


A word on prices. One Ringgit (or as I call them, “Ringdings”) is about 0.23 Euros. For the dinner for 4 persons we paid about RM60. A coke of about 0.4L (and way too much ice) was about RM2.50. People were a little amazed on how much more expensive restaurants in Europe are. I guess that the time you spend on earning your living gets you roughly the same purchasing power locally as it does in Europe.

The next day – Sunday – we departed the hotel and went to Genting Highlands, which is a kind of gambling town built on some mountain 50km from Kuala Lumpur. First with the bus, then the ascend to the facility itself in a very cool cable car, rising through the clouds over what I guess could be described as tropical rainforest (a first for me). Very much to my relief, the temperatures here are much more acceptable than in the city itself. It’s a huge hotel complex with a couple of rides, a lot of shops and food stands, and a small theme park attached. Unfortunately, as we were to discover today, most of the interesting rides in the later were closed. Too bad. Wenny didn’t get to scare me.

Finally, we did some gambling. I guess that isn’t a hobby for me. I am too careful, and I have a hard time understanding the rules. We still got out 10% ahead, and we didn’t even try too hard. I’ll let Wenny bet some more of my money before we leave. 😉

Further updates as I have a chance to post them.