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Pein-Lormes Wedding

Went to Martin’s wedding on Saturday. Took an early flight out, but had to return home the same day; so I had to leave the party early.

On my way to the wedding, an elderly couple sat two rows behind me. The woman loudly explained the top stories from the women’s tabloid “Gala” to her husband. After the plane had landed, she said: “Well, I guess this wasn’t too bad”. After I left the plane, the woman was in front of me. She paused, looked around, and then saw that her husband was several meters behind.

“I pushed my way to the front,” she scolded him, “and you’re being a lame duck again.”

I am sure *he* is happy that he married.

Arrived way early and took a taxi to the church. Some observations about the wedding:

  • The ceremony itself was conducted in a (catholic) Church. Looks like the good Reverend is old and, well, a little forgetful and skipped over about 25% of what Martin and Ulrike had worked out for the ceremony. The Reverend made up for it with enthusiasm. Overall, the entire thing did not match my expectation of a catholic wedding, but I afterwards learned that that was because it really didn’t. Either way, I had serious problems not to laugh during the service. I managed, but it was close. The experience has definitely reaffirmed my atheism. No offense to anybody who actually believes in that stuff, but to me, it’s just… unreal.
  • They had luck with the weather. While the day was generally rainy, the time around the ceremony was dry and there were even some specks of blue sky.
  • Boasting that there is still space for “856 photos” in your digital camera is just showing off that you have no clue about digital cameras, since size of the photos will vary.
  • A lot of the chicks were dressed surprisingly skimpy – short skirts, necklines that plunge down to the navel. The less I saw any particular girl near guys, the skimpier her dress seemed to be. Assume these were the single women. Now, I do not have a problem with short skirts and so on, but it was like 15°C and rainy. Wonder how high the rate of flu infections among these ladies is.
  • Didn’t like the DJ. The guy had mashed up stuff ranging from Alcohol by Grönemeyer, Beat It by Jackson, and dozens of other popular pop songs (how’s that for redundancy?). The result sounded like it might be played in a lift or in a supermarket. Well, if Martin and the guys liked it, then that’s what counts, but I was seriously tempted to plug my iPod into the sound system and play any random play list on it.
  • My fame preceded me: Met a guy who knew me from hearing about my crazy trip to Detroit for the Corey and Joel Live Show 2006.

My flight back to Frankfurt was fine. There were only two passengers in Business class – including me. The flight attendant was in a very good mood, as it was her last flight of the day. Made funny faces during the security show, and showered us with attention, food and booze.

The low point of the day was the taxi driver who drove me home. He was a regular jerk, and I gave him way too high a tip. But whatever, I was in a good mood, and there’s always the hope that he felt bad about it afterwards.

Overall the day was quite fun and I am glad I went there.