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Last Day of Photo Updates

2423As promised, I’m going to be done with all the photo updates today. However, before I do that, I just had to do one final big update to the photo Galleries.

First, I have added even more Paris photos. (As [Anna said](/2006/07/16/photos-from-paris/#comment-1257), I have been in Paris a million times.) These photos are from my [Paris trip 2005](/v/paris2005/) with Wenny. Some nice photos there of things I hadn’t taken photos of before: Versailles, Notre Dame, and we were on top of the Eiffel tower, too. Unfortunately, it was in Autumn, so the weather wasn’t perfect.

2002Next up are photos from the [Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, vacation](/category/travelogue/kuala-lumpur-2006/). I had a few of them online before, but that was just a tiny share of the pictures I took. Today I have added about 100 more [photos from Kuala Lumpur](/v/kuala-lumpur-2006/), as well as some from Genting; so enjoy.

2528Last but not least I have also added photos from the recent [voyage to Indonesia]( – again [over 100 photos](/v/indonesia2006/). It’s a representative selection of the pictures we made over there, and I think you’ll like them.

Now all I have to do is fix the titles and descriptions of all of them. Oh my. 🙂