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The Place to Avoid in Cap-Ferret: Il Giardino…

…but not for the reasons you might think.

Il Giardino is a restaurant in Cap Ferret, France. In August 2013, a customer was unhappy about the service. Like million other people in the Internet age, she blogged about her experience.

Unfortunately for her, her blog post got ranked rather highly by Google, and this seems to have cost the owner of the restaurant business. Which, as you may understand, is the point of a review: Helping you readers make an informed choice on where to go and spend their money.

Instead of handling this in a professional matter, the owner of Il Giardino chose to sue the unhappy customer and a french court ruled in his favor. It should be noted that the judge ruled simply on the basis of the title and the high Google ranking and not – as the owner had wanted – the entire review.

So on the surface, Il Giardino is still getting its way. Intimidated by the ordeal, the original author took the article down and plans not to appeal. Of course the owner did not expect this lawsuit to make international news. And already, if you google for the place, you get towns of news articles, blog posts and reviews that not only point out that Il Giardino is happy to sue their own customers, but also that it’s because of a bad review.

Truly mission accomplished, Il Giardino.


Hi there.

You didn’t expect me to actually post on my blog, now did you?

Yeah neither did I, considering my last post was a photo in August ’12. What can I say, there are just not enough hours in a day. I am trying to be better, though, and since I can’t add hours into the day, I am trying to adjust everything else to fit into that imperfect cycle we call life.

This site ( will become much more static. That is, I am toying with removing the blog part entirely. Most of it consisted of useless life updates and rants anyway, which years later don’t feel applicable anymore. Content that is still worth-while I will either move to other, more focused, sites (such as Enderra et al), or maybe even kept here. I’m still trying to work out the exact details, but that’s the general direction.

New hub blog: I’ve created a website that will serve as a “hub” to all my activities. It, too, will be fairly static, but if you want to know what I am doing, then this new hub will have a link for you.

After looking for a while and trying to come up with a good name with an available .com I decided to go with one I already had:, home of the (as-yet) fictitious Thraeton Corporation.

Other sites/blogs: I am basically revisiting everything, checking if it’s worth-while to keep it, update it, delete it, and so on. All material I decide to keep will be linked from once I am done with it. See, follow Thraeton!

Facebook: If you actually care about rants and tiny “life updates”, friend me on Facebook. If you want to connect in a professional capacity, please find me on linkedin.

And that’s really it, for now. 🙂

Spam from

Some people have recently received email spams that seem to have been sent from my address – nils at jeppe dot de. I am, of course, not the originator of these emails; I have become victim of a Joe Job – that is, some spammer is using my address as a forged From: address. I apologize for the inconvenience, but there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Trust me, I wish I could, and the bounces I’ve been getting for days are highly annoying as well.

That said, there is at least one individual who not only does not understand how spam works; he also thinks it’s okay to go about and insult people who have not done anything to them. Probably has emotional problems. So, as a service to prospective employers, I’ll totally shame this person here:

Curtis Gervais <> of Toronto, Canda, writes:

Stop fucking sending me these SHIT emails you fucking cunt bag.

You may apologize to me and I’ll note here that you are actually a man and not merely a brat.

That’s all, folks.

Update: My new “friend”, Curtis, didn’t get the explanations I gave him (twice) and wasn’t willing or able to read the Wikipedia links I sent him. Instead, he chose to be an douchebag about it. Well, at least he gave me an opportunity to test my blacklist (It works). This guy definitely has anger issues, and he didn’t come across as overly smart, either…

A few of My Ancestors

Thanks to Herbert, we now know two more generations of my personal ancestors – on my father’s side – though any connection to the Jeppes he is researching remains unknown and – at the moment – actually fairly unlikely.

Jürgen Jeppe’s – my father’s – ancestry currently stands like this:

  • Jürgen Jeppe, Parents: Paul Alois Jeppe + Irmgard Elisabeth geb Fiebrandt
  • Paul Alois Jeppe: Father: Christian Gustav Heinrich Jeppe, 1885-1979
  • Christian Gustav Heinrich Jeppe: Father was Johannes Matthias Jeppe

We really don’t more yet, but considering a few years ago I didn’t even know my grandfather’s full name this is quite a bit of progress!

Thank you Herbert!