A few of My Ancestors

Thanks to Herbert, we now know two more generations of my personal ancestors – on my father’s side – though any connection to the Jeppes he is researching remains unknown and – at the moment – actually fairly unlikely.

Jürgen Jeppe’s – my father’s – ancestry currently stands like this:

  • Jürgen Jeppe, Parents: Paul Alois Jeppe + Irmgard Elisabeth geb Fiebrandt
  • Paul Alois Jeppe: Father: Christian Gustav Heinrich Jeppe, 1885-1979
  • Christian Gustav Heinrich Jeppe: Father was Johannes Matthias Jeppe

We really don’t more yet, but considering a few years ago I didn’t even know my grandfather’s full name this is quite a bit of progress!

Thank you Herbert!

1 thought on “A few of My Ancestors

  1. Yes, and we know the name of Johannes Matthias Jeppe´s wife. Her name was Margarethe Dorothea Christiane Jeppe, born Pegur (or Peyur). And we know that Johannes Matthias Jeppe was a “Buchbinder” and they lived in Heiligenhafen in 1885, that´s shure!
    Regards, Herbert

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