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Today is the day the “last” Harry Potter book gets published. Crazed fans are besieging bookshops, which will start the sales frenzy at midnight. A lot of these crazed fans are adults. Now here’s something the government could do to help all of us: Gather up these people, and send them back to elementary school. Make them take part in forced literacy programs. I may believe that an educated person will read Harry Potter to find out what the hype is all about. I do not see how any educated and intelligent person would actually do so. And there is no way in hell either of the two would queue up for days or hours to get their hands on a stupid children’s book.

I just hope J. K. Rowlings had the guts to kill Harry Potter off, so that we will be spared this insanity in the future.

Update, much later: No such luck.

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  1. People do have their own hobbies, no? I supposed on the above case, they just love reading the Harry Potter book. You don’t expect the whole community to only love computers ehh?? and please do not call it stupid. they just enjoy the thing you don’t. afterall, people come in many colours and types and likes and dislikes. accept it the way it is so you won’t call that insanity. you’re just harrashing people’s hobbies. oh dear..

  2. As so often, you’re twisting things around and pretending that I said thing I did not say. I’d kindly ask you to stop that.

    Now. Harry Potter is literature for illiterates. I could accept it as a “popular series of children’s books”. But the hysteria about the book is simply nonsense. I cringed reading the names of items / characters: For example, there is a “Mirror of Erised” which shows the onlooker their deepest desires. Not to mention “Sirius Black” who can turn into a big, black dog and such people as “Xenophilius Goodlove”. I mean… really… that is just lame.

  3. hi, i guess you cant judge people like that. every body hav different hobies and interests.i guess just because you disagree with that, doesnt mean that you can write like that. lots of ppl, they are queueing up for days just to join amerian idol or australian idol…what you gonna say about that? o be honest that’s very rude of you to say that about the harry potter. i dun like harry potter myself, i neve watched that movies, etc…but i won’t say something like that because i dun like. i have interest with one children’s cartoon and i can do the same like what they do about harry potter.

  4. Reading Harry Potter is like watching Barney the dinosaur. If you enjoy it, great for you. But don’t tell me Barney is good television. It’s simply not, and all the wishful thinking won’t make it so.

    Wenny: There is good fiction, and there is bad fiction. And Harry Potter is bad.

  5. You sir, are an idiot. And I’m guessing you’re just jealous you didn’t make the $1 Billion Dollars for writing this exceptional piece of literature. And to say that it’s solely a children’s book is rubbish, read it, and you may find that it really is more suited for adults.

  6. It’s always nice to see Harry Potter fans disqualify themselves. You have added support to my point that only uneducated people will read Harry Potter. Not only are you a coward who hides behind anonymity to resort to name-calling; you also completely missed the point of my posting. Comprehension levels of a pre-schooler is what is required to enjoy such drivel as Harry Potter. It is probably not hard to write “exceptional literature” if your main audience’s only comparison is My First Alphabet Book.

    As for the jealousy part: What a cheap and ineffective attack. Of course I’d be happy to have that kind of money. Anybody who claims they would pass up on so much cash is a liar. But I am not “jealous” of it (I have the suspicion you do not even know what that word means, exactly). Quite the contrary: The exceptional achievement of Mrs. Rowling was to convince so many semi-literates to actually pick up a book, and I fully believe that anybody who can sell something so inferior so well completely deserves the money they get from all the ignorant people.

    Now back to Kindergarten with you. Maybe they’ll teach you how to read real literature, and some manners while they’re at it.

  7. Yes, there are good and bad fiction. And you can not, simply because Harry Potter is not your cup-of-tea, tell me and the rest of the community that it is a bad one.
    Now would you tell me, what makes it a bad one??? eventhough i do not like reading books, but i simply cannot get the bad point of it. and also, please explain, how do you judge it to be the bad one??
    And how do you know it is a bad one?? I am sure you did not read the book because otherwise you’d be one of the uneducated people. But I wonder, how do you know it is bad if you don’t even read it??? I’m waiting for your answer.

  8. I have read the summaries of the books. It’s simply… bad. The character names alone should make any adult groan in pain. But even if it were the best book ever, which is hardly possible, then the whole queuing-up-at-midnight thing is just pathetic.

    Steffen: Let me formulate it carefully: The fact that you were worried your books would not be shipped to you in time for the big launch does have me worried about your sanity.

  9. Well, at least you read the summaries of the books which I suppose is better than judging them by the Chris Columbus movies…

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