Mickey Avalon

In the evening the guys and I went to a small performance by [Mickey Avalon](http://www.mickeyavalon.com/). It wasn’t so bad, although [the noise levels almost killed me](http://www.coreyandjoelradio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1610#1610). There were plenty of cute chicks there, though, which somewhat compensated for the pain. (I’ll post the photographic evidence later.)

After the show, Corey, Joel and I went to have a bite of food. Ended up at the [Sweetwater Tavern](http://www.metrotimes.com/metropolis/restaurants/place.asp?id=5442) after it turned out [Slow’s BBQ](http://slowsbarbq.com/)’s kitchen was already closed. Sandwich time. Cute waitresses there too.

We let the evening end in a few mellow matches of Worms, which is as fun as always. Got dropped off at the hotel at like 2:45. I tried to read a little but I think I passed out immediately and slept til like 11:00 am.

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