The Corey and Joel Radio Show #111

That was a fun day. Got up late, did some work on personal stuff, then got picked up by Joel. We just ran some errands, then went to the [palatial studio](/2006/03/24/the-palatial-studio/) where we awaited the co-host and other guest (announcer Rob). And when they did, [the show]( got started. Rob did some new announcements for the guys, and then the main show began. It was a very fun show. They had Rob and me do the announcement, and I stumbled very much at the beginning. It’s tough when you’re not used to a microphone in front of your face. I think I eventually did okay though.
I will not tell you much about the content of the show. Yes, the guys couldn’t stop themselves from more bad Germany- and Holocaust jokes, but at least this time I was there to boo them for it.

Overall it was an interesting experience.

After the show Corey, Joel and I went for a bite (which turned out to be far more difficult than it should be in this 24×7 based economy). When we finally found a place I was being good and ordered a tomato and mozarella salad. I really do not want to return home heavier than I left it.
There’s really not much more to this day. Go listen to the podcast when it comes out.

_Update:_ You can download the show at the [Corey and Joel Radio Show]( homepage.

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