Golden Boutique Hotel, Jakarta

After our return from [Bali](/2006/07/22/first-impressions-of-bali/) we had a problem. When we departed we had made a – verbal – agreement with the [Ancol Raddin](/2006/07/04/hotel-ancol-raddin/) that we would get a room for the same conditions as we had originally booked. We called ahead, from the airport in Bali, and they didn’t want to honor this anymore. (No big surprise.) We ended up booking in another hotel.

The Golden Boutique Hotel surely makes an impression when you arrive. Huge lobby. Classical European statues (made to look greek and roman) everywhere. And gold everywhere, too. The staff has neat unifroms, the front desk is dark marble. The whole building is huge. The rooms also make a good first impression. Except for the cockroach that waited for us in the bathroom.

It was disposed off by one of my Indonesian hosts, and we decided to ignore this little incident. Until two days later a giant specimen jumped us after we returned and ran around the room. We’re talking five centimeters and black as the night here. The hotel put us into a new, smaller room, which was not quite as nice – and had smoking, loud tourists across the corridor.

After you’ve gotten over the initial impression of grandeur, and even if you don’t encounter roaches, there are some bad things to be said about this hotel. They have no internet connections in the rooms; connectivity is only available in the “business center”. Inconvenient. The line is also very, very slow.

The hotel also does not have any safes. The safes in the wall closets in the rooms are too small to put notebooks into them, and the one in our room was as broken as the closet itself; it didn’t lock. Also broken were the ceiling lamps. In the week we stayed there, the staff did not manage to exchange the light bulbs – and yes, this was a problem in both of our rooms.

And finally, they have a night-club in the building (the 7th floor, if I recall correctly). Fine if you like such things, but it’s really not nice to have your room’s floor shake until 1:00am when you want to sleep.

There are some good notes, though. The staff is very nice and polite, and, with the exception of the reception, helpful and competent. I was even brought my notepad that I had forgotten at the breakfast table. Speaking of breakfast; this was included in our room’s price and was actually good – for an included buffet breakfast.

And they had well-working showers; something that I now know is not a given in Indonesian hotels.

Overall I can not recommend the Golden Boutique. There are too many things that are substandard there. I have the feeling that the hotel could be quite nice if the management took more care to fix problems. Except the night club there is nothing fundamentally wrong, just things that are all based on the incompetence of the staff.

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