Photos from London 2005

1249Well, I’m really on a roll here. I fought a little with Gallery2, but now it’s smooth sailing again. And since I have been posting so many photos of old trips, I thought: Why stop there? I have more!

Last August, I went to London for a weekend with my good [buddy Michael]( Between the two of us, we probably took a thousand photos. I have condensed this a little, and I think I have selected the [best pictures of the bunch](/v/london-2005/) for you guys.

I think that’s it for tonight. Next up: Photos from Rhodes.

2 thoughts on “Photos from London 2005

  1. Nils, how on earth do you fit in all this travel? You really have a wealth and diversity of experience. BTW you mention in your last post that you had a girlfriend. Geeks are not supposed to have girlfriends, they just look at girls and are to socially awkward to talk to them – better take that out otherwise people might think you are not so “out there”.

  2. Thanks. It’s not really that much travel, actually. This year was a little more busy than normal, so far at least. Most of what I am posting now is old material. I like to travel and I try to make at least one “big” trip a year. I just wish I had written travelogues during all those trips. Well, we live to learn.

    As for my dear girlfriend… I shan’t deny her. She certainly dislikes my geeky sides, sometimes. And I appreciate that she puts up with me. 🙂

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