Back Home from Indonesia

IndonesiaYou may have wondered about my silence both here and in email – well, wonder no longer. I just returned from Indonesia an hour or so ago. I’ve a lot of photos and quite a few postings for my [travel website](, many many other things I’ll have to blog about, a full email inbox and a million other things to do. I didn’t manage to get much Internet connectivity in Indonesia, unfortunately. I didn’t even keep up with world news – although I did hear when Germany got kicked out of the Worldcup (one of the “to blog” topics).

So anyway, stay tuned and check out Geektravel. You can even subscribe for notifications or to an RSS feed if you prefer. 😉

And now I gotta go and do my food shopping.

2 thoughts on “Back Home from Indonesia

  1. Well, give me time to write up all the travel stuff, I am very tired now!

    Short version: Nice but very crowded, and very, very polluted.

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