Hotel Ancol Raddin

218I’d like to write a few words about the hotel I’m staying in, so that future travelers (geek or ordinary) might know what awaits them.

The hotel is part of the Accor chain (it is operated under the Mercure label, which seems to be their “brand” for medium-class hotels that do not fit into any chain). It’s part of the Ancol complex, which seems to be a resort/amusement part on the coast in the northwestern section of Jakarta.

224The hotel itself is pleasant enough – clean and orderly, for the most part; I’ve seen much worse. There are some defects in some of the rooms I’ve seen and the elevator system is somehow messed up (bad programming). The staff is helpful, so far, and I am sure we’re their “favorite” customers. First they didn’t have the room we had ordered and we got a “tower suite” (pretty nice). After that we got moved to a normal “Deluxe king” room. It’s much smaller, but comes with a balcony. Unlike our first room’s bathroom this one didn’t have an individual shower; you have to use the bathtub for that. It was also broken (warm water tap didn’t work properly) and the bathroom was a bit dirty. The balcony’s floor was oily and covered with a film of soot. We discovered in an evening that diesel exhausts were making the balcony unusable – hence the soot.

221We finally got moved to yet another room (same category, no balcony) because the second room didn’t have any Internet access, and that is, somehow quite a necessity. (The WLAN of the theme park is open and unsecured, but you can’t connect; probably has a MAC address filter – I did not experiment much as the reception was very bad.) “Broadband Internet” here is handled by Ethernet over the power line. So far, it sounds pretty cool and geeky, right? Well – yes and no. The “broadband” part is a joke. Either someone is using up all the bandwidth (not an unreasonable thought) or the hotel is connected via ISDN (also not an unreasonable thought; that was considered broadband once upon a time). Second, you can’t login manually to use it – you have to call the hotel staff to unlock the line.

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