The Corey and Joel Radio Show Aniversarry Extravaganza

As soon as you enter it you notice that Club Bart really is a weird setup. It is a tiny place, maybe a dozen tables or so, I didn’t count. The bar is basically built into one corner of the main room, and behind the bar, and maybe the same height as the bar, is a tiny, tiny stage. You’d probably not get more than three people up there if you tried. A waitess was just serving at a table next to the door. I stood there, not really knowing what to do next. I figured she’d tell me, and she did. Friendly looking chick, a little belly, way too much cleavage for my tastes.

“Good evening, can I help you?” she asked – or something similar to that effect.

“Yeah,” I said. “I’m actually here for the show tonight.”

“That doesn’t start until ten or something,” she said.

“Yes I know, but it was either staying in the hotel or coming here. I take it none of the guys are here yet?”

“No, do you have Joel’s phone number?”

“No, but that’s okay, I’ll wait. Besides, I’d like to eat something.”

“Great, just have a seat I’ll be with you in a minute.”

I didn’t have to wait very long. I ordered Bart’s Melted Cheese (which turned out to be pretty good). As she gave me my food some time later, she pointed to her back. “There’s Joel now.” I had already noticed, however. Joel pretty much looks like what he looks on the photos. Maybe a bit shorter than I had imagined.

I kept sitting there, chewing my cheese sandwich. Unknown to me, Corey had actually recognized me. “I think that’s Nils there” – but Joel had discounted that idea. “I thought since you had commented on show #60 earlier, there’s no way you could be in Detroit,” he later told me. The guys milled around a little before I revealed myself and handed them the Toffifee I had brought for them. The guys actually made me a gift too, with autographed headshots and a huge stack of CD’s – some Chicken Ranch stuff, but also assorted -leftover- Comedy CD’s. They’ll go into my iTunes within hours of my return, guys.

65They did the show prep, while I mostly talked to producer Tim. Guests kept coming in. I was introduced to everybody, and they were all a pretty nice bunch of people. I do remember Rob and his girlfriend, and of course Corey’s girlfriend (Amy, I think, is her name; for those of you who follow the forum: it’s not Homeless-G). I also met Kristina – recipient of many Muff jokes – who is really nice and really cute; don’t judge her by the photo Corey & Joel put on the site after the show she was on!

About every other guy I was introduced to offered to buy me a drink. A typical conversation then went something like this:

Joel: “Nils is our fan, he came from Germany just for the show.”

Person: “Oh, that’s awesome. When did you get here?”

Nils (glancing at my watch): “About three hours ago.”

Person: “And how long will you stay in the States?”

Nils: “About twenty-one hours from now.”

Person: “Oh.” A pause. “So you really just got here for the show?”

Nils: “Yes.”

Person: “Let me buy you a drink.”

Club Bart was actually somewhat crowded by the time the show started at 10:30 with a failed attempt at an announcement. Then it followed the familiar format – one after another, a bunch of comics came on and did their bits, before getting interviewed by the guys. They did two shows, and the whole thing worked pretty well; there was more of a crowd even at the very end compared to their first Live show. I won’t sum up the show; go listen to it – it should appear next week on [Corey and Joel’s website]( I do have to distance myself from the Nazi and Holocaust jokes at the end of show #62. I guess I’ll just have to accept that this is a taboo that I have been conditioned with during my youth, and that other cultures (or those that wish they were one, as in the case of Americans – ha! take that!) this is not the case. I guess Joel and PJ could have killed with their bits if they had gone to Tehran with it.

The shows ended at – I guess – something like 1:30 am. That wasn’t the end of the night, however – it did [go on for a while](/2006/03/24/the-palatial-studio/).

Edit, March 30th, 2006: The live shows – episodes #61 and #62 – have been published.

2 thoughts on “The Corey and Joel Radio Show Aniversarry Extravaganza

  1. _Note: I moved this comment from my personal website, feeling it fits much better into this section. — Nils_

    Nils, Nils, Nils…
    My comedy wasn’t out of line…in the deep tradition of open mic nite at Bart’s I riffed (ripped) on the crowd. You were part of it. Welcome to America and Detroit. And after you listen to shows #61 and #62, you’ll realize I didn’t do one Holocaust joke. I ripped on my (and yours) embarrassing German past. I made fun of Nazis, white supremists and the ilk. Referring to you as a supremist (thanks for the red shoelaces by the way LOL)is no different than you comparing a Detroit taxi driver to a terrorist. I just happened to have the balls to do it in fromt of the person the remark was intended for. It was comedy night. Some styles of comedy are different. Bart’s is different. And as George Carlin once said (and I’m paraphrasing) In comedy, you have to find the line of what is acceptable …and then cross it.

    There is never any real mean spirit in my comedy. It just seems most people have been programmed to enjoy safe, vanilla, pablum. I however, DON’T!

    But no matter how you feel, it was great having you here. and it sounds as though you enjoyed yourself.

    PS: Your coney “sausage” is what we call a hot dog. We call sausages, sauages. And Coneys are the greatest late-night drunk food there is. Apparently C&J didn’t take you to Layfayette or American…they probably took you to National Coney Island, and their’s pale in comparison to the aforementioned 2.

  2. Yeah, PJ is correct – he only made Nazi jokes, the Holocaust jokes were Corey & Joel’s fault. Anyway, I still like you all. And I hope I can get to see you again at Live Show #3 whenever that is.

    Touchy subject 🙂

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