Posting from 12000 Meters

Hi guys! At this very moment I am sitting on flight LH442, and I am posting this from 12 kilometers in the air. Or something like that. The connection is slow as hell, but it’s pretty cool to be able to connect to the Internet while in a – flying – airplane. Price for a 24h period is 27 US$, but if it keeps you productive and/or entertained then who cares?

2 thoughts on “Posting from 12000 Meters

  1. I guess the net wouldn’t have been necessary because you have interesting people on board – or is the connection to slow for centericq? 😉

  2. The connection is borderline slow for any interactive work. Websites build slowly, shells are quite painful. There were a number of disconnects too. I didn’t sign up again on the way back. I think about the only really useful thing you can do with it is email. Because that gets handled in the background and you don’t have to actually wait for a response.

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