Kuala Lumpur Recommendations

I’ve been back for about three weeks now, and I thought I’d post a few notes on things to consider or to be aware of when you go to Kuala Lumpur.

* **One week is enough**: In one week, you can easily see all there is to see in KL – at a leisurly place. If you stay longer, go to the surrounding areas, or even to Singapore or Jakarta. They’re close by and the tickets – if bought locally – should be fairly cheap.
* **Petronas Towers Skybridge not worth it**: Don’t go up there. Or just show up in the morning at 10:00 and see if they still have tickets. Don’t queue for ten boring minutes on the 44th floor.
* **Taxi prices are negotiable**: If you’re going someplace with a taxi, negotiate a price in advance. Don’t be afraid to haggle. Some places use taxi vouchers (central station, for example). Yellow “first class” cabs are more expensive, but if you don’t want to wait around they’re still a lot cheaper than in Europe. And don’t forget to take a real limo back to the airport – for about 20 Euros.
* **Food is cheap**: Some things, especially restaurants, are dirt cheap by European standards. A lunch for four persons can be had for 20-30 Euros (total, not each!). Dinner on the KL Tower should be about 30-40 Euros per person.
* **Don’t buy electronics**: My conclusion after several afternoons [looking for notebooks and cameras](/2006/02/01/electronics-shopping-in-malaysia/): Not worth it! Prices are not all that much lower, and warranties **much** worse. I assume Hong Kong or Singapore might be better suited for this – plan a short trip to either of them while you’re in the region. Or just go to Akihabara.
* **Total money needed**: I spent about 700 Euros in two weeks, for two persons (and paying for others at times as well).
* **Don’t be squeamish**: You will run across cockroaches. Don’t rent rooms in cheap hotels.
* **Exchange Money at Money Exchanges**: Money exchange services will be available in many places. You won’t have any problems exchanging your money; they’ll offer somewhat better rates thank banks.
* **Don’t bring excessive amounts of currency**: Malaysia has a limit on US$2500 in cash that you can bring into the country. I doubt you’d need even nearly that much. But even running around with 500+ Euros may feel a little awkward. Why not use a credit- or debit card with a pin to withdraw money at a local bank?
* **Don’t bring drugs**: I mean, [really don’t bring drugs](/2006/02/14/they-werent-kidding/). If you can’t live without weed, fly to [Amsterdam](/category/destinations/europe/netherlands/amsterdam/) instead.

Well, I think that’s it. I hope it’ll help someone out there.

_Post Scriptum:_

I forgot one:

* **Islamic Law**: If you’re a moslem, Islamic law might apply to you as you enter Malaysia. I am not sure how this is handled. If you are a very liberal moslem, this might cause inconveniences to you.

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