Return Home

95Finally, Frankfurt. [My flight](/2006/02/10/amsterdam-to-frankfurt/) landed and rolled across the airport for what seemed to be eternity. Finally parked in one of the outfield positions. Buses brought us to the Terminal 2 building, and I was genuinely freezing by then. When I arrived at Baggage claim, our bags were already being delivered. Mine arrived maybe five minutes after I had gotten there, probably less. I went to the bus stop for line 61 – more convenient than having to go to Terminal 1 only to wait for the subway. I was wearing my jacket by now, and I was still freezing in the icy air.

Bus 61 almost didn’t stop – it was 2 minutes late and had I been distracted, the driver would’ve just left again. Half an hour later, I arrived home to an equally cool apartement. Never turn your heating down too much.

Dropped all my stuff, went food shopping (covered in thick coat and wearing scarf) and finally dropped into bed, exhausted and happy to sleep under a warm blanket.

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