Lessons Learned

I always take photos when I travel, but my [trip to Kuala Lumpur](/category/travelogue/kuala-lumpur-2006/) was the first in a long time during which I made a serious effort to create a travelogue. The only other trip I managed to do so was our [Disneyland Paris trip in 2004](/category/travelogue/disneyland-paris-2004/). Unfortunately, I am not very well equipped these days to handle serious geek travel. Now that I am back home I asked myself: What do I need for my next trip?

## Portable Computer ##

When we were in Disneyland Paris, we had our notebooks with us – mostly for storing photos, but I took extensive notes as well for a [fairly thorough travelogue](/category/travelogue/disneyland-paris-2004/). Every evening I sat down and wrote about the events of the day. Now, Disneyland is not the most exciting place to write about but I had the equipment and I was able to write.

On many other trips I also had some form of notebook with me (Tokyo, Brussels, etc) or a computer on location (USA ’95/’96). I didn’t blog travelogues then. With the Kuala Lumpur trip, I wanted to change this.

My portable equipment is woefully outdated. I own a Palm IIIx and an iBook G3. Both are not worth their weight – and the Palm IIIx is not very convenient for writing text. My work notebook is pretty neat (a HP nc6000 with add-on battery) but I didn’t dare to take this to Kuala Lumpur. I had been looking for some ultra-portable notebooks, but what I found was either way too expensive, very old and only avaiable used or only available in Asia.

I definitely need some new portable computers. I’ll put new effort into finding a good solution that’s also affordable.

## Digital Camera ##

I have owned an [Olympus C-300 Zoom](http://geek.pandemonium.de/2002/11/11/olympus-camedia-c-300-zoom-digicam/) for over three years, and it worked well enough. But there are problems with this camera; it’s beginning to show its age. My biggest problem is that this camera can’t do low light photos well at all. You’ll see this once I put the KL Aquaria photos online. So, I need a new and better camera. Wenny really likes the Sony Cybershot DSC-T9. I’ve looked at a few other cameras too, and haven’t reached a final conclusion yet. While I can live with my current camera for a few months, I’ll definitely need something better for my next trip.

One thing that does help greatly, however, is the iPod photo adapter:

## Portable Music ##

I own an iPod photo (Revised model). Finally, a category where I can say: A great gadget that suits me well. The 60 GB are more than adequate for my music, audiobooks and podcasts. I also own a Photo adapter, and with this I can copy photos over from my digital camera. This helps greatly because you can just offload your pics to the iPod at the end of the day instead of carrying around a thousand memory cards.

I think I am well equipped here, especially since the iPod can work as a 60GB external USB2 harddrive as well and thus expand the capabilities of any notebook I might buy.

## Postcards ##

I like to write postcards. A lot of the people I write to don’t have email, and even if they had, so far I have never been able to send much mail from my trips. Besides, sometimes, the professional photos on postcards are just nice. I don’t think I’ll stop sending cards.

Still, I have no good address list. I’ll definitely have to organize my contacts much better asap. Maybe then I will finally stop forgetting people’s birthdays, too.

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