Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam

Leaving Malaysia was even less hassle than entering. Polite people, I have to say. Boarding the KLM 747 wasn’t a big hassle either. I guess the night had made people a little more mellow than before.

Seat 33B turned out to be okay, but no prize. Seat 34B would have been at the emergency exit with plenty of space for my feet. Even better, seat 32B would have seated me next to a Malaysian girl. Of course she slept most of the time, so no big difference. My seat neighbour to the left was a free-lance courier named Peter (from Germany). Nice guy, interesting job. On my right sat a very annoying and very overweight Dutch woman. Easily mid to late fifties, she was a head shorter than me but at least as wide. Besides her constant coughing, she had the annoying habit to try and sleep in her seat laying on her side. Naturally, this pressed the armrest towards me and reduced the already scarce real estate I was sitting on. If you ever feel down because you’re a small person, my advice is to fly somewhere and enjoy the tortured faces of big guys like me.

And if you’re a fat person – try not to make an ass out of yourself please.

At least the seat right in front of me was left empty, so nobody leaned back from there this time.

The KLM staff was neutral and didn’t exactly thrill me with their attitude, but they didn’t do anything wrong. The food, of course, was pretty horrible. KLM hasn’t learned anything about food due to the takeover by Air France.

12h+ flights are really not pleasant. This one was in a way not as uncomfortable as [the trip to Kuala Lumpur](/2006/01/22/arrival-in-malaysia/) had been, but it was no joy ride. I was very happy to have my iPod with me as the KLM in-flight entertainment was pretty worthless. I listened to my iPod almost the entire flight, say maybe 10 hours out of 12, probably more, and some more after arrival (in Amsterdam, then back in Frankfurt), and the batteries held. While I had listened mostly to music on my first trip, it was [Corey and Joel’s Radio Show](http://coreyandjoelradio.com/) all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam this time. I’ll have to buy these guys some drinks some day for entertaining me so much.

Eventually, still in darkness, KL0810 to Amsterdam landed 30 minutes ahead of schedule in the Dutch capital.

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