Departure from K.L.

98It’s Departure Day. We got up way too early and packed our stuff. We had extended our stay in the hotel until 6pm the night before, as our planes would leave only at 10pm and 11pm. We met with Wenny’s brothers at Secret Recipe; one of them had some additional stuff for her that her mother had sent for her. We dropped that off at the hotel and went out again – checking another of Kuala Lumpur’s many shopping malls. Finally, at 7:00pm and after a last dinner, our taxi arrived – an airport “limo” which is just a taxi that’s a little more comfortable than the normal taxis. Fell asleep multiple time on the way to KLIA. Price for the ride was RM60; when we arrived at the airport Wenny told me a real limo (one of those big ones with 2 seat rows in the back) would’ve been about 100 RM. Too bad she did not tell me before. I’d definitely have spent that money.

We didn’t find the KLM checkin immediately, so we went to Wenny’s Malaysian Airlines counter. Huge queue awaited us – we figured we’d wait forever. I left Wenny there to check for the KLM counter, but the girl at the information stand said the checkins open only 2 hours before boarding, which left us with some time. I returned to Wenny only to find that the MAS people had worked off the line very quickly. The easily 20 people ahead of her had all been taken care of in the ten minutes I was gone.

101Sometime later, the KLM counter opened. The signs were not operating, and they didn’t start checkins. Wondered why until they put up “System Down” signs. The entire KLM checkin had failed, and didn’t get repaired that night either. Took them 10-15 minutes to check in one passenger. With four or five counters open, I have no idea how they managed to check in everybody in time. We waited easily an hour for the four people in front of us to get done; then the KLM girl checked me in until Amsterdam and my luggage until Frankfurt.

Wondering if I’d ever see my bag again, I left with a boarding card for seat 33B in my hand.

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  1. Although we do have to say, for fairness, that out of the 3 people who were so rude there, one was a (presumably) swiss or austrian woman (ugly one too), and two were asian guys.

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