The Spires of Kuala Lumpur

I’ve already mentioned that the KL “Twin Towers” aren’t really worth the time. You only get to ride up to the bridge on the 44th floor, stay for about 10 minutes, then go down again. Sure, it’s free, but it’s really pitiful, especially considering you have to queue up at like 7:30am. You cannot get the tickets ahead of time, and you can’t reserve by phone or online either.

We’ve now gone up the local television tower, the aptly named “KL Tower”. It’s not too far from the twi towers, actually, but then, downtown Kuala Lumpur seems to be a surprisingly small city. We had to walk past stinking sewers and up several meters on the way there, but fortunately the final hill could be avoided by taking a free car ride up. Thank you Kuala Lumpur TV tower staff. The entrance fee for the tower itself is RM20, which I gladly paid. By the way: There is also a restaurant up there. We never found a menu for it on the internet. If you want to know the prices of the KL Tower restaurant: A main meal seems to be about RM 30-40, with menues running at around RM100-120. I am guessing you should just assume RM100 per person. That’s still a lot cheaper than many places in Frankfurt. It’d probably be worth to dine up there for the view, at night. I don’t know whether you have to reserve etc. So, don’t blame me for any oversights 😉

Anyway: The view from the top of the tower is really nice. Downtown KL consists of a sea of highrises. It’s not quiteHong Kong, but there are many interesting designs, many of which are obviously inspired by arabic / indian styles. Some have swimming pools on the roof – I’d like that too, some day. Ah, well – if and when I get rich 😉 At any rate it is a great photo opportunity, and I think I took 40+ snaps. Again, I’ll have to provide the actual photos later.

We descended again, feeling much more satisfied by the trip than after the Petronas Towers.

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