Kuala Lumpur Sundries

Some assorted things we did –

**Times Square** is another shopping mall. Went there for an indoor rollercoaster. Pretty nice, but a little too violent in the turns. I was one of the tallest guys to ride it – in fact a guard called me back to check me against the maximum heigh – which seems to be about 2 centimeters more than I measure. The ride itself was short and quite fun but also very violent – the curves very narrow. And one of the last things is passing through a huge plastic flower – which may be adjusted to Asian size; it felt like it would lob my head off. Afterwards, my shoulders were bruised like hell and Wenny was complaining about a bruise on her back. No more rollercoaster for Wenny 😉

**Aquaria** is a smallish aquarium in downtown Kuala Lumpur, at the KLCC. It’s pretty well done – not that I have visited many aquariums in recent years. There is a tunnel which leads you through the main aquarium, and you get to see all the fish etc around you. Nice. We were lucky enough to catch a fish-feeding, and it was pretty empty (Friday, around 8:00pm). Unfortunately, my old, crummy camera wasn’t able to cope with the lowlight conditions combined with the moving fish. So sad. I’ll post what photos are worthwhile later.

**Kuala Lumpur Rats** We also went downtown to see the Supreme Court building (aka the Sultan Abdul Samad building). It features a clocktower somewhat reminiscent of the Big Ben, if much smaller, and with a decidedly oriental touch. We arrived at dusk, and they lit up what looked like christmas tree decorations. Very beautiful, actually. In front of the Supreme Court is a huge lawn, which features the world’s talles flagpole and a line of smaller flags, which tried to avoid being photographed as if possessed by malign spirits. I managed a few snaps, figuring a waving flag of Malaysia would make for a good cover for my photo album for this trip, but the results were both lower quality and fewer in number than I had hoped.

Another feature of the area is the horrible stench – this part of KL seems to be one huge public urinal – an open-air sewer (called a “river” by Wenny, and I guess the water did move, but it’s really a tiny canal filled with the most vile liquid one could possibly try to pass as “water”), and of course, those unpleasant pests: Cockroaches. With their black, chitinous bodies, these particular specimens were easily 5-7cm in length. Fortunately, they are shy of light, and fled when we came across them, into the nearest sewer grate. I do not even want to think about actually having to confront some of these vile insectoid monsters. I get shivers from the thought of normal-sized cockroaches (or ‘rats’, as I call them here, wanting to avoid the unpleasant images); these asian ones will probably give me nightmares. It was a beast of this size which I shared a bathroom with on my last day in Tokyo back in 2001.

**Sunway** One evening we went to Sunway with Wenny, her brother, and his girlfriend. Out in the suburbs of KL, some crazy person has built a shopping mall in egyptian style. I guess if you have as many huge malls as Kuala Lumpur has, you have to distinguish yourself from the competition somehow. The Sunway mall did so by building a huge sphinx-like creature and pyramids and decorating the mall with egyptian-style pillars and so on. Nice to look at, a little too crowded, and way too far away, it’s still a nice building.

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