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Of course I couldn’t resist the temptation to check for notebooks and similar things now that I am here in Malaysia. My idea was that, even with the VAT I’d have to pay on return to Germany, if that is actually the case, I might still get a good deal on a nice little notebook or a digital camera.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

Both notebooks and digital cameras are similarily-priced here as they are in Germany. The cameras are pretty much the same, with some small exceptions (I couldn’t find a few of the interesting models on amazon.de). The notebooks seem to be a little cheaper; I only looked at the very small models (11.1″ and 10.6″), and their prices seem to be roughly similar to what I’d have to pay back home. My hope that some of the cool, small models available in Japan would also be sold here wasn’t realized. The selection of ultra-portables is definitely poor.

The prices here are “list prices”. We could get a better deal by some nasty bargaining (an area I trust Wenny’s skills very much). However, even if I could get, say, 20% discount which she says is realistic, the prices wouldn’t be that much lower than Amazon. Especially if then I’d have to pay taxes. And **especially** considering all the hassle of warranties, different plugs for chargers and power supplies, and the like.

I guess I won’t do any electronics purchases here. Sorry, Malaysia. Maybe I’ll have to fly to Tokyo for some gadget shopping afterall. 😉

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  1. G’day. Well, Malaysia electronics are quite expensive. I’m a Malaysian. But if you compare their prices which i last was in Sydney, its more expensive by a little. My cousin from Melbourne would rather come back to Malaysia for Chinese New year to get his gadgets. Haha, well it depends. It is sad that i cant find a good bargain for a WII 🙁

  2. Hi Jacqueline!

    I am not an expert, but I would suspect that flying to Singapore would be the best for bargains. I really don’t know. Anyway Singapore isn’t very far, so when and if I am in your country next time I think I’d like to fly on to Singapore just for kicks.

    Of course Tokyo’s Akihabara district is a classic, and at least 7+ years ago it seemed relatively cheap…

    I am not sure where Australia is, price-wise, but for Europe, you can take the US$-price of a gadget in America and use the same number in Euros and you have the minimum price something will cost here. It’s really sad. At least we do get relatively good warranties.

    A Wii costs 250 Euros at amazon Germany (and takes 2 months for delivery these days).

    Any tips on where to buy electronics are appreciated. 😉 (As are general travel tips, I kinda liked Malaysia.)

  3. 250euros? ic..i saw the wii sports bundle on yahoo for 250 usd. guess as much as the same . Tokyo is the heart of electronics..even shopping for clothes..its much cheaper there.

    and Yeah.. Singapore..most of us travel there to get better bargains.

    i wonder where u went to buy electronics? Mostly we would go to the Low Yat building which is next to Sg. Wang or on the Bukit Bintang walk..(you won’t miss it) their prices are fairly cheap. Cheaper than getting it from those Big stores.

    Well, weirdly how much u would like it here but Malaysia is TOOO HOT!..omg. i cant even stand the weather here for years. I miss winter 🙁

  4. That is funny, because people here hate winter.

    I have to admit Asia’s very hot. But then again, so are our summers. Not every year, but getting there.

    The stores you named sound awfully familiar. Low Yat and Bukit Bintang, at least, I am sure I’ve been there. Unfortunately my memory for strange names isn’t the best. 🙁

  5. really? why hate winter? cold is nice..just like Genting highlands. ahhahaha..How hot is summer there?

    yea i guess u definitely been dere..but have u been to Klang? u eat pork? or have u been to Jalan Alor in KL ? they have like this lots of food stalls..and most of them are the best in Malaysia food.

  6. Klang doesn’t ring a bell, nor does Jalan Alor. But as I said, I have a terrible memory for names. I don’t mind pork, but I am not a big meat-eater. I do prefer chicken or turkey, actually.

    People here hate winter because they’re cold, cloudy, and dark. Definitely colder than Genting – Usually it can get to -10°C or there abouts. This year was an exception though.

    Our summers are usually 30°C+, often 35°C and sometimes as high as 38-39°C. That’s “temperature in the shadow, on an open field, 2m above ground”. In the city, in the sun, or over concrete or asphalt, or in the tram etc… it will be naturally much warmer, but then of course the same applies to Malaysia.

  7. PS: And here, nobody has airconditioning in their private home, and many offices also don’t have it. Mine doesn’t – and the summers are really unbearable.

  8. Hello, sorry for the late reply. Hahaha

    No air conditioning? thats weird. How do u stand the heat during summer? Later can become a meat on the sate stick. hahahha.

    So i guess thats why a lot of outsiders like Malaysia’s climate. all year long hot and humid. But sometimes i just cant stand the heat with no wind. Its like sweating all the way to the office. Sucks. Does the wind blow during summer in Germany?

    Well, if you are up for Malaysia trip again, I will definitely tell you or bring you to the best places to eat around KL/PJ. Did u try going to the other states in Malaysia? especially Langkawi, its very very very nice there.

    P/S: i took German language lessons during my time in Uni..hahaha but did not continue for long.

  9. Thanks for the offer, I have no current plans to go to Malaysia but you never know. I didn’t see too much of .my I am afraid.

    As for the air conditioning, well, we don’t cope very well. Especially lately the summers have been quite hot. I remember a few years ago, when it was actually 39°C here, while it was a dry heat it felt like you just wanted to pass out and die. Sweating all the way to the office, in the office, and back on the way home. And in the nights you still have like 25°C which is better but hardly cool. Heat with wind wouldn’t be so bad, but if it’s that hot you hardly have winds… We’re not close enough to the water or other cooler areas.

    No worries about the German, I prefer English anyway.

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