Genting Highlands to Kuala Lumpur

Slow lines, horrible setup, insecure machines. Get out before you pay.

No really huge updates. We got back from Genting Highlands alright and started to hang out KUL. Read: Food and shopping – as I am travelling with a woman afterall 😉 No offense. We also checked for digital cameras and notebooks, but I found nothing worth the hassle of taking it back to Germany – no great savings it seems.

We went up the Petronas Towers today, which is something I cannot advise you to do. You’ll usually have to queue really early, and then you only get to travel up to the sky bridge on the 44th floor. For 10 minutes. And since it’s morning, there are so many reflections in the windows you can’t even take decent photos. Not worth the hassle – we’ll definitely try for the Kuala Lumpur (TV) Tower as well.

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