Project "Deadland"

I have unearthed some memories from my early coding days. Back then, I was experimenting a lot with programming, inspired by the heroes of my day – the guys and gals who wrote all the fun games I loved so much. This particular project was named “Deadlands”, and it was basically my attempt at building a post-apocalyptic computer role playing game.

Deadland - Map View

Deadland was inspired by two games in particular: Wasteland and UFO (sold in the United States under the “XCom” brand). It was written in turbo pascal with large sections (ie. the graphics routines) written in assembler. It didn’t run too well, the stand-alone graphics demo these screenshots were taken from, ran at about 9 fps. There was also a stand-alone character generator, of which unfortunately no screenshots remain.

Deadland - Map Editor

The map consists of, if I remember correctly, two layers; the floor and the walls are seperate, allowing for more combinations and less graphics work. The darkness effect is achieved by having the same color palette in several levels of brightness in the global VGA palette, and shifting a pixel down before painting it. Easy optimization here is to pre-calculate tiles in different color levels, but that would have eaten a lot of RAM. And, yes, I did draw those graphics myself – pixeling them in fine detail in Deluxe Paint II enhanced.

Deadland was the successor of my first tileset engine, for the Dragongate project, which was more of a top-down implementation and had a much smaller field of view.

I think I lost the complete source code to this game in one of my hard-drive crashes. This is alright, because now the code would have historic value at best. Still, it’s too bad I never completed this game.

Needless to say, I am still kinda proud of what I did back then 🙂

_Update, 2007-07-13:_ I have found a few additional screenshots.

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