MIB II – Men in Black 2

Watched Men In Black Part 2 last night. What can I say, it’s really more of the same. If you liked the first one, you’ll like this one too. Interestingly, it carries even less of a plot than the first one, but at the same time it isn’t *worse*. Not much, anyway. This is a peculiar combination in my eyes and says as much about the original as it does about the sequel.

The DVD is outfitted with a lot of extra material – in fact, the package includes two of them, and I haven’t gone through all of it. However, it’s nice to see that some people realize that bonus material is a huge incentive to buying a DVD.

Of particular note is the “hidden” MIB “Training Video”. Most of this has been replaced by a clip in German. Since style and language totally do not fit into the rest of the DVD, I assume that this was put in by the German distributor. And it’s horrible. Absolutely bad. It’s obvious, it’s primitive, it’s badly presented, and it’s plainly just not one bit funny. To make it short the clip is the perfect example why Germany is not present one bit in the international entertainment market. Showing anybody this clip could be considered a violation of basic human rights of the viewers.

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