Travel Plan: Munich

_Munich, Bavaria – February 25th 2004 (well, Late March now)_

I intend to fly to Munich next week. Just for a day. If my plan works out, I’ll visit the [Deutsches Museum]( If not… well, then I tried. As always, people are welcome to tag along.

_Update, February 16th 2004:_ I had to move the date to February 25th.

_Update, March 5th 2004:_ I had to move it back again. And again. Once due to heavy snow, the other time because there’s yet another funeral coming up and people thought it might be this week. I want to attend, so I am not planning to go to Munich. I have to take the last week of March off, however, so I **will** be going to the Museum eventually.

_Update, December 9th 2005:_ Well I [did eventually go to Munich](

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