Parker Lewis Can't Lose Unearthed

I found several episodes of my favorite sit-com on the ‘net. Ah, nostalgia.

I have been a huge fan of Parker Lewis Can’t Lose ever since I came across this show in 1994. I really wish I had known about it earlier: I am sure my entire time at school, no, my entire life would have been radically different. Still, I owe Parker Lewis much, not the least of which being many hours of laughter.

I still have a half dozen tapes of Parker episodes, including one tape I made in 1996 in the USA. I never managed to throw them away, even though I have not owned a television set in over a year and had no VCR for at least two years. I am sure the quality of the tapes is horrible by now. So I was really happy when I found episodes of Parker Lewis on eDonkey. A total of 20 episodes, and I just downloaded the last of them. Yes, I use eDonkey. Not to share anything – I do not intend to fight that war – but to grab copies of stuff I loved as a teen. Parker Lewis is one example: It’s absolutely impossible to get this show in any other way. I haven’t seen a re-run in years, there are no DVDs, nothing. And since downloading off of eDonkey really is in no way any different from the act of encoding the episodes off of the video tape myself, I do not have any qualms about doing this. Some other examples: Max Headroom, or the movie Buckaroo Banzai. Yes, I am aware there is a DVD of Buckaroo Banzai. But guess what? I cannot buy it, because it’s Region Code 1 only for now, and I own only a Region Code 2 DVD player.

Yes, I downloaded Buckaroo Banzai. I’d have bought it, had it not been for the Region Code system. How’s that, MPAA? You don’t like piracy? So, give me the movies I want…

Anyway, back to my original topic: I am the happy owner of 20 episodes of Parker Lewis now. So what if they’re in German? I still love it. And I am going to make a big Parker Lewis marathon next weekend. 20 episodes of 20 minutes equal to 400 minutes, or close to seven hours. Sounds doable. Anybody wanna join?

_Update, November 11th, 2005:_ Yes, in the meantime Buckaroo Banzai has been published on DVD in Germany. And I did buy it. It was “only” published a year after I had written this post. Still no sign of Parker Lewis DVDs.

6 thoughts on “Parker Lewis Can't Lose Unearthed

  1. hey do you remember the episode when the two big guys were going to fight “one was kube” and a teacher detters them with a classic poem. i dont suppose you know the name of that verse. its been bugging me for years

  2. I have the episode. It’s number 1×13, called “Teacher, Teacher”. The poem is attributed to “anonymous”; however, googling for passages turns up nothing. So either it’s not indexed by google, or it was custom written for the episode.

    The text is:

    Fight not oh waring brothers;
    Turn away to live for the day
    When brave soldiers returned
    To their mothers
    Alive, unharmed,
    To watch the children play.

    Remember the love,
    Embrace the joy
    As your golden hair turns to gray.
    Build bridges of friendship
    Rather then destroy them.
    And always, always watch the children play.

  3. Hi,

    I’m trying to get the Parker Lewis DVDs (all seasons), but they are still not available. Could you burn me what you have on CD and send it to me? I will pay you a fair price. Thanks.


  4. Hey, I lost my copy of the episodes, would you be able to replace them for me ? ? (( since they were syndicated & I’d already made the tape, I’d appreciate it if you could help me replace them ))

    Leo T

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