Neverwinter Nights

I waited for years (literally) and now it’s here to steal all sleep from me: [Neverwinter Nights](

Well, since I fixed my computer, I have _finally_ had the chance to play Neverwinter Nights. I’ve gotten to the end of Chapter 1 rather quickly, but then I did not progress at all, the reason being a re-install of the system and also the fact that I am experimenting with different combinations of character classes and feats. So far, the most promising combination for the "official campaign" is an elven fighter/rogue with a fighter or cleric henchman. Of course those who know me realize that my favorite class is wizard, but in a game like NWN where the focus is so heavily set on combat, playing a wizard is a challenge. As I said, I am still experimenting.

The toolset (editor) included with the game is impressive. It has a great scripting language and you can really work out some amazing modules. There are some limitations that are frustrating me; mostly related to the limited tilesets. Still, I am slowly progressing with work on my first module. Just don’t hold your breath for release day…

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