Diablo 2 for Mac OS; Neverwinter Nights

Well, I bought Diablo II – for the second time. This time, the Mac OS version. There are two annoying things with this: (a) the CDs seem to be a combined Mac/Windows Version and (b) you have to install the game under Mac OS 9 then update to the current patch level and THEN you can add the Mac OS X upgrade.

What good does this do me? I don’t have Mac OS 9 and I don’t want Mac OS 9, Hopefully, Blizzard will add an install patch as well, especially since I am sure Diablo II is a game people will still play in a year or two, when Mac OS 9 is officially dead (and good riddance, too).

In related news, I ordered Neverwinter Nights UK Version. It’s already on its way to my home. The bad part about this is that I do not even have a PC at home yet. So in a few days I will have Neverwinter Nights and still be unable to play. Oh the irony.

_Update, July 12th 2002:_ Yeah Neverwinter Nights arrived this week. It’s sitting on my shelf now, mocking me… 😉

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  1. Actually, and without verifying it again, I think now that most Macs do not boot into OS9 anymore, Blizzard has published a native installer for Mac OS X. I could be mistaken, however. Check their support website.

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