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Ultra-Quick Wrath of the Lich King Review

Bought the second World of Warcraft expansion, played it for a while, and feel confident enough to post a super quick review.

The good:

  • Zone design is great, the zones look really nice.
  • Quests are much less annoying – there are of course still FedEx- and kill-ten-grue-type-quests, but over all it is MUCH more imaginative, and has many nice extras (for example there’s a quest to free Murloc babies, which has got to be ones of the cutest things in a video game ever).
  • Death Knights are actually a fun melee class, which I had not thought would ever happen; their starter “campaign” is also really well designed.
  • Less reputation grind… it seems.

The bad:

  • It’s more of the same. Really. If you have played WoW at all, you have played the expansion. Unless you are a WoW ultra-nerd, you should get tired of it really quickly.
  • Inflation got knocked up another notch. My mage made 500g profit, just by questing, in three days of game-play.
  • It absolutely sucks to be a new player at the moment, or to play a low level character. Unless you are level 70 or higher, and thus able to consume the WOTLK content, you will play this game alone for a long time.

Bottom line:

Wotlk gets 3/5. This is what the first expansion should have been like – Northrend totally puts Outland to shame. There’s enough to keep the old timers happy for a while, and some of the new additions are quite nice, but it is not compelling enough to warrant anything more than a “for fans” recommendation.