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So the big day came. I went to the airport – almost too late, because I had remembered the departure time incorrectly by 30 minutes. My taxi driver then drove me to the wrong terminal (I had told him quite clearly to drop me off at “Terminal 1B”. Terminal 2 doesn’t have a “B” area; something which I would expect every Taxi driver in Frankfurt to know) but I managed to arrive well in time.

When I boarded the plane, I was surprised to learn thatthe flight was an Air China / Lufthansa Code-Share. Surprised, because the Lufthansa agent had told me the ticket would cost 1600 Euros (yes, in Economy class) and I eventually bought the ticket from Air China for 800. Goes to show you that you can never trust an airline, and that shopping around for tickets is very well worth it.

I was lucky in that I got a pretty good seat: First row in Economy class. Not only did I had a little more foot space, but there were also no morons in front of me who could lean back all the way. I’ve never understood that, by the way: Sleeping in an airplane is still uncomfortable as hell, and you torture the guy behind you by leaning back. Maybe that’s the purpose of it.

So compared to my KLM flights to Asia, Air China already had managed to secure a huge lead. Unfortunately, that ended right there. The food was just as bad as on the KLM flights, and the service, well, what service?

There is only one thing I want to mention quickly: The in-flight entertainment. The movie they showed was a movie about ancient China; I didn’t follow it from the beginning and I am not sure what the title is. I think the basic plot is that the Emperor is trying to poison his wife, and various people (their sons and two women) attempt to save her. One of the sons even stages a revolt to accomplish this. Anyway, the notable thing about the movie is the violence level. We’re talking about a flight that has “all ages” in the audience. But in the movie, people got impaled, beheaded, cut down by swords, slaughtered by barrages of arrows, and beaten to death. The entire thing was very well filmed but I can not help but wonder how this got past the airline censors.

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  1. Hi Nils

    I like you site. Good information. I don’t know your tastes in food however I have flown on Air China in the past and found the food to be good. I have a chinese wife and on our flight to Beijing from Sydney she even found the food was ok. Not fantastic but good enough for her, and she is fussy about her food.

    Also the Air China service was reasonable. Maybe having her with me made a difference.

    It is amazing the price difference you found by using Air China, 800 Euros compared with 1600. A huge saving. As you say it does pay to shop around.

    Will be interesting to see how air tickets to Beijing increase leading up to the Olympics. I was lucky enough to get mine already using frequent flyer points. Also got a ticket for my daughter that cost $1200 australian. That is 75 per cent of the full fare. We booked our flights to Beijing back in October. I will check in a few months what the cost is to get the same ticket as what we have already booked.

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