Voyage Home

I have arrived back home safe and sound.

I had a lot of luck on the way back. I actually got a business class seat, while some other passengers had to stay behind – there had been a snowstorm on the east coast, and all the planes back to the Old World were overbooked. Enjoyed a nice dinner, several James Bond movies on the in-flight entertainment system, and arrived in Frankfurt half an hour ahead of time. Took a cab home – and the driver made it in under 20 minutes. Record time.

I’d like to extend a big “Thanks” to Joel, Corey, and all the other guys I met. Especially though to the two guys for putting up with me, I promise not to stay so long for the next live show, if I can make it anyway.

And by the way: My half-diet made me lose 1.5kg while in the States. Not too bad!

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