The Funhouse with Upchuck The Clown

Last night was another radio night. This time I was taken to the ICP studio in south-western Detroit, where Psychopathic Records produces their online radio program, Wfuckoff Radio. Upchuck the Clown hosts a biweekly show called “The Funhouse”, together with his intern Andrea. I was to be a guest and see how that magic happens. This week, they had another visitor from Germany, as coincidence would have it: Hatchet Hans, a psychopathic serial killer on the run from Interpol. Scary looking dude, with tatoos all over, clad in black leather, and a large scar on the left side of the face.

The show was quite fun. After taking the first couple of calls Upchuck presented Andrea the intern with a slutty school-girl dress she was to wear during next week’s Tempest release party. Later on, Sampler X, a crazy 45 year old white rapper-wannabe from the ‘hood in Southfield called in. He was angry as hell that Upchuck wouldn’t play his songs. There were some other good callers too, like a stoned school janitor. Eventually Upchuck decided to wrestle Andrea in preparation to his fight agains the Corporal on Tuesday. Good fun, all of it.

Everybody at Psychopathic was really nice, and it was fun to sit and watch the show (except maybe Hans, who gave me the creeps). Thank you all, that was a good night.

_Update:_ The show is available for download [here]( via the [WFuckoff Radio download page]( (select The Funhouse from the drop-down list, it’s the March 15th episode).

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