The Corey and Joel Radio Show Roast

Last night was the 2nd aniversary show, the Corey and Joel Roast. It took place, as has been mentioned before, at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, a place that was quite a bit bigger than Bart’s. The guys set up while I fought with the fast food we had bought just an hour earlier รขโ‚ฌโ€œ what Whitecastle hadn’t accomplished, Wendy’s did for me. I shan’t elaborate.

The show itself was okay. There were some really good lines, and some really bad ones. Of course I had to endure stupid Nazi jokes (I’ll say that anybody who tries Nazi jokes on a person born 30 years after the war ended had no right to lecture me on humour). Many of the roasters and roastees were former guests of the radio show; Rob the announcer of course was there; Chill, Mike Lundy, John Tortalot (sp?), Bill Hildebrandt, Steve Sabo, roastmeister PJ, Horetense the Puppet of Low Self Esteem, and the entire thing was moderated by Russ Brown. There were a few other guys who hadn’t been on the show but whose name I can’t remember. I probably forgot some people, I mean no offense. Missing were Sal Demilio (who was ill) and Bill Bushard (who was simply missing in (from) action). Steffanie was in the audience (I am sorry, Steff, for the jokes I attracted into your direction like a lightning rod. Next time I shall sit somewhere in a dark corner. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and I did finally got to meet Nadia, who is much, much smaller than I had imagined, but otherwise just as energetic as she is on the show.

After the show ended, some of the people ended up hanging around, and we all went for some snacks and drinks at a bar around the corner. That, too, was fun, and ended just in time for us to get into a weird snow-ice-rain storm on the way “back home”.

All in all that was a fun day. I think that anybody who enjoys the Corey and Joel radio show will also enjoy the live show. It’ll be posted next week (on the actual aniversarry I assume) so you will all get a chance to listen to it.

_Update:_ The roast is available for download [here]( and [here](

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