Arrival in Detroit

Arrived in Detroit without problems, although I can’t say this year’s flight was nearly as nice as last year’s. And, just in time for my vacation, I am coming down with a cold. So far it’s not too bad. I just hope it does not develop into the flu my coworker Stefan had.

Immigration was hassle-free again, and so was customs. “Any tabacco or alcohol?” – “No” – “Have a nice day.” He didn’t even look at the form, I think, before signing it. Such enthusiasm.

I took a cab to the hotel/motel and eventually ended up hanging out with the guys. If they ever tell you they are not geeks then they are kidding themselves. Their favorite tv past-time these days is watching The Amazing Race – twice, because they end up using the replay feature on the DVR a lot. Still, I have to admit that it was relatively amusing.

The girl working the recption of the **Travelodge Royal Oak** when I checked in was quite fascinated with the high-tech id cards and passports we have in Europe. “I think it’s neat how they cut those lines into the photo so you can’t replace it”. She ended up wanting to buy a 5 Euro note from me, for her daughter, when she saw them. “She’s eight and they’re just learning about Indonesia in school, I am sure Germany will come up too.” I’d have just given it to her but she insisted on paying the normal exchange rate. I figure she could always get her money back by bringing the Euro note to a bank. I gave her one of each type of Euro coins I had left, too, as a freebie. All in the name of transatlantic friendship.

Wasn’t that many anyway. Note to self: Next time you travel, have more European coins in the wallet. People like these.

The motel is Okay, but I gotta say that for the same money I have stayed in much better places. Then again I have also stayed in much worse places, sometimes for not that much less money. In the end it is just for sleeping and recharging phone, notebook, and so on. Which isn’t actually all that easy, as of course the room has no spare wall socket, like so many hotels. Do they really think that nowadays, travellers have no need to recharge anything? And, do they likewise think that I am too proud to unplug the TV or another device to achieve that? Of course this place does not have an Internet connection either, and there are no wireless networks within range. At least I have room number 2^7-1.

To make up for it I got the complete entertainment program. The people in the next room woke me up at 8am by having noisy sex, which they then turned into a conversation which turned into a big fight. Kinda like animals chasing each other away after mating. Pretty much the kind of noise I remember of motels from years gone by.

Tonight’s schedule is episode #111 of the Corey and Joel Radio Show, guests will be Rob the announcer and, it seems, me.

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