Detroit 2007 – Itinerary

It’s 2007 and I am about to embark on the first travel of the year. I am going to go to Detroit for the [2nd anniversarry live show]( of the [Corey and Joel Radio Show]( Unlike [last year](/category/travelogue/detroit-2006/) I won’t fly there on a 48 hour tour de force. Instead I am staying for several days. I am not getting any younger.

My current travel plan is as follows:

* Sunday, March 11th: Flight to Detroit, arrival 5pm local
* Monday, March 12th: Whatever
* Tuesday, March 13th: Sit in on regular show
* Wednesday, March 14th: [The]( [Roast](
* Thursday, March 15th: Tag along to [The Funhouse with Upchuck The Clown]( and sit quietly in some corner while Upchuck has his way with Andrea The Intern and stoned Juggalos.
* Friday, March 16th: Return flight to Frankfurt
* Saturday, March 17th: Arrival at home

I will blog from the road whenever I get the opportunity for it. Unfortunately my hotel won’t have Internet access.

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