Pictures from Home

My sister and mother sent me some photos taken with my sister’s new camera. The building they live in – and which used to be my home for many years when I was still living in Hamburg – is being torn down by its new owner. While there are still people living in there. From what I understood this new owner isn’t very diplomatic or clever. Instead of offering incentives for the remaining tenants to move out, the strategy seems to be to chase them away by making life unpleasant for them. I could understand this if someone was really being uncooperative; but in this case it’s definitely the other way around. Resistance to the relocation plans increases the more obnoxious the new owners are. I told my mother to get a lawyer.

I am really not unhappy to see this building go; it’s really not a loss for mankind. But I must wonder at the methods employed to achieve that goal. I guess my inability to comprehend this mentality is the reason why I will never own real estate myself. Personally, I’d rather be humane and poor than well-off and inhuman. But that’s just me. Your mileage may vary.

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