Flight Back to Frankfurt

My flight back home was not as bad as the one earlier in the year, [from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam](/2006/02/06/kuala-lumpur-to-amsterdam/). There was a really fat guy next to me on the leg from Jakarta to KL, and to the right of him (at the window) a small but still somewhat chubby asian girl. The guy not only took up more than the width of his seat, he was also unable to hold still for even five minutes. I was ready to scold them when I saw that they were filling out a Malaysian immigration form for the guy. They would leave me in Kuala Lumpur, and I decided that I could stand the annoying man for an hour. So I did, and I was right about their departure in KL.

The second part of the flight, to Amsterdam, was more relaxed. Finally I had some luck with my seat neighbor. This time the guy was tall and slim and absolutely quiet – he either read a book or slept, and I must say I didn’t have any problems whatsoever. I declined [KLM’s Pasta](/2006/06/27/jakarta-via-amsterdam-and-kuala-lumpur/) and I never got my tea with milk, but that was the worst that happened. Arrival in Amsterdam was again at an unholy hour. I had a Burger King breakfast and then spent a lot of time waiting.

I got home after an uneventful flight, but which had a nice view of Amsterdam after Takeoff. Landing in Frankfurt was on time and unspectacular. I decided to spend the money on a cab to get home – after so many hours, it seemed like a stupid idea to add another hour by going with the bus. One thing I noted was how empty the highways were. The last days of the worldcup, no doubt.

An uneventful trip back, all in all. I really enjoyed my time in Indonesia though. And I am sure I will return to East Asia sometime soon.

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