Going to Indonesia

The Geek Traveller is on the move again. This time I’ll fly to Jakarta in Indonesia for two weeks. I’ll try to update this website with stories and photos as I get the chance to access the Net.

Here’s my schedule:

* Departure from Frankfurt: 23rd June, 3:45pm local
* Arrival in Amsterdam: 23rd June, 5:00pm local
* Dinner with Arjan
* Departure from Amsterdam: 23rd June, 9:00pm local
* Arrival in Jakarta: 24th June, 5pm local

Return trip:

* Departure from Jakarta: 7th July
* Arrival in Frankfurt: 8th July

I’ll see you all on the other side.

_Update, July 24th 2006: Hey, this post was still marked “Private”. Doh!_

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