The Day After – Tour of Detroit

I awoke at 9:30 this morning. Local time, of course. Took me about five minutes to get my bearings. I think an sms message actually woke me up, but I am not sure. I got out of bed and felt the stiffness – I am really getting too old. I began writing some of the trip up. I didn’t want to pay for Internet at the hotel; but I still had so much time that I eventually thought: “At least let me see what it costs.”

The Hyatt’s Internet is WLAN, provided by T-Mobile. They have various plans – including a $29.95 annual plan. What would have been interesting to me then was a $6.00 for 1 hour payment option – the best was that this variation came with a “first day is free” promotion. Unfortunately this was when I discovered that my mobile showed 11:00 while my watch showed 12:00 – the hotel’s alarm clock confirmed the 12:00 and I began to get ready; Joel was supposed to pick me up at 12:30, and all my gear was just sitting around as I had dropped it the night before.

68I got ready and checked out; by 12:30 I met Joel in front of the Hyatt and he proceeded to give me a little tour of Detroit. The downtom area, with a burned-out train station, and a complex of five towers. Forgot the name, have to check with Joel. We returned to Club Bart to meet with Corey, hit a local Taco Bell and finally the guys dropped me off at the airport.

Security at the airport was uptight as always. This is the first time I had to get out of my shoes for the xray scan. Alright, if it makes them happy. The whole checkin, security check, and walk to the gate (A60, if you know the airport) took maybe 15 minutes. As I write this I am on LH443 – with the same nice crew as on the way here – and enjoying the Business Class one final time.

Overall, it was a really great trip and I am very happy I flew over for their show. And on the danger of repeating myself: If you haven’t done so yet, [check out their show]( Thanks to Misters Hall and Fragomeni for the great two days. If you ever make your way over the Big Pond, I’d love to return the favor.

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