77I’ll make a small end-of-the-week trip tomorrow. If all goes well, the schedule will proceed like so:

Thursday, March 23rd:

* Go to airport, 10:30 local
* Departure Frankfurt, 13:30 local on LH442
* Arrival Detroit, 16:40 local
* Check in at hotel (Hyatt Regency Dearborn), about 17:30 local
* Corey & Joel’s Live Show at Club Bart, 22:00 local
* Crash exhaustedly at hotel

Friday, March 24th:

* Sleep late
* Departure Detroit, 18:30 local on LH443


* Arrival Frankfurt, 8:30 local
* Arrival at home at 9:30 local

That’s 13400 kilometers in 47 hours. Cross your fingers.

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