Hollywood Homicide

Hollywood Homicide tries to be a spoof of cop-and-gangsters suspense/action movies. In short, two homicide detectives are sent to investigate the murder of a hip hop group. Everything is set up for some great comedy: One of them (Harrison Ford) is a part-time real estate broker, and a veteran detective. His younger side-kick teaches yoga / tantra on the side and wants to be an actor. The actors certainly could have pulled it off. But the script starts off lame, then slows down and becomes boring. You can get a few chuckles out of some scenes, maybe a stifled laugh here or there if you are tired or wasted – but overall the movie is definitely sub par. A sad waste of many talents.

Borrow the DVD and watch it for free, if you must see this movie. Otherwise, I would recommend that you watch Schwarzenegger’s Last Action Hero instead.

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