I, Robot

Saw the movie last weekend – the German dubbing, unfortunately. I haven’t read the book yet (shame on me), so I will have to judge the movie standalone.

I, Robot tells the story of a police detective, Spooner, played by Will Smith, who is technophobic and hates robots in a world where robots are omnipresent. Spooner gets called to the scene of the apparant suicide of one of the founders of US Robotics (hahaha nice one, really). He quickly comes to suspect that an unusual robot of the company’s new series is responsible for the death of the old man.

During Spooners investigation, he becomes the target of numerous assassination attempts, until finally the plot unfolds itself – the robots stage a revolution.

The movie was neither really good, nor really bad (ignoring the lousy German dubbing). The animations of the NS-5 (the new robot series) is pretty nice, but in this day and age the CGI is not exceptional in any way. Sometimes – especially the chase scene in the tunnel – the CGI of these robots looks downright fake. The most beautiful scenes, in my eyes, are those of Chicago of 2035, especially the USR tower. Really nice.

Otherwise, the movie is really standard fare. There are no plot twists, there’s nothing too exciting. At the same time it isn’t too boring either. If you will see one movie this month, don’t see “I, Robot”. But if you happen to end up in a screening, you won’t have to fear death by boredom either.

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