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  1. He was my grandfather. The family came to Australia from South Africa when my father was a young man.

    I have a small collection of Jeppeite somewhere upstairs…

    1. Dear Julius John,

      when I was a young girl I knew your granddad because I went to school with Anne, his daughter. Now I’m looking for her again. Would you be so kind to give me her emailadres if you can? Maybe your father or uncle remembers me, I lived with my uncle in Nedlands when I went to the Holliwood Highschool. I was homesick all the time. Hope you can get me to Anne.

      Thanks for trying,

      kind regards,


      1. Hey Liz,

        Years later and I have stumbled across this forum again. I grew up in Nedlands! I can get in touch with Anne, email me at jjbjeppe[at]gmail

      2. I think you mean Elizabeth Anne Jeppe, born in 1950, called Annie? If yes, she visited me on Friyday 7th Sept. 2012 in Bremen.

      3. Hi Lies!

        This is Anne Jeppe here, (Hollywood High School!)

        I am in Germany till the end of June…..

        email me if you feel like it!


        ps can send you some photos if I get your email

  2. Hm. – Was? That means he died in the meantime? I am sorry to hear that. Thanks for getting in touch. It seems that the South African Jeppes were quite a more adventurous bunch than the guys who stuck around here in Germany…

  3. Do you know the German Roots of your family? I just try to write a book “Die Jeppe Story” (in german language)about the early Jeppe Brothers, they are emigrated from Rostock, Germany (Mecklenburg-Schwerin). The Father was Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Jeppe and their mother the born Magdalena Anna Carolina Westphal. Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Jeppe was a civil servant and economic counsellor of the grand duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. In about 1820 he wrote a “Herbarium Vivum”. From his Son Friedrich Jeppe, written in Potchefstroom 1868, I have the origin Text (old german language) of “Die Transvaal´sche oder Süd-Afrikanische Republik”. A lot of informations I got from friends in South Africa, from Witwaterrand University.
    If you want moore about the roots, you can contact me.

    Herbert A. Peschel
    Bökenkamp 10
    28755 Bremen, Germany.

    1. Yes I think I´ll end my book-projekt end of the year. The first family-members got a special key to my SkyDrive to have a first look on my book “Die Jeppe Story”. This key is only for family-members, if I have their e-mail-addresses and my personal friends.
      Thank you, Johann, who wrote the first answer:
      Hi Herbert,
      Thank you so much for all the work and effort you have put into researching the Jeppe family and writing this book. This is truly a masterpiece! Thank you also for sending me the link to allow me access to this wonderful document.
      Please keep in contact. The invitation to stay over at my house in Calgary, Alberta stands whenever you visit Canada.
      Kind regards, Johann Jeppe

  4. Hi was für ein zufall, stüber im Internet rum und komme auf deine Seite. Meine mom sagte mir vor kurzem das mein Onkel Harald mal einen Brief von jemanden aus Australien bekommen hat der wissen wollte ob wir evntuell verwand sind wie ich meinen Onkel kenne wird er sichelich nichts weiter unternommen haben, aber wenn du dich mal melden würdest wehr es cool.
    Dann noch einen schönen abend tag oder morgen, wie auch immer bye.

  5. Hi Jeppe-Clan 🙂

    Mein Daddy hat glaube ich von Dir mal ein Brief bekommen aus Australien ob wir verwandt sind, ist eigentlich nun was rausgekommen?

    der jeppemaster :-))

  6. Wenn Du mit dem australischen Jeppe sprechen willst waere Englisch wohl angebrachter. – Sorry dass ich Deinen Beitrag etwas zensietr habe, ich nehme an dass Du Sascha kennst, aber ich denke wir sollten trotzdem einen guten Ton wahren 😉

  7. Hi, ich bin durch zufall auf diese Seite gestoßen und fand das alles ziemlich interessant, da wir (meine Familie) vielleicht auch irgendwie noch irgendwo verwandte haben könnten….
    ich würde mich sehr über eine Antwort oder Kontakt freuen!
    Gesa Jeppe and family

  8. Hi
    I’m from Denmark, and does anybody know if someone of the Jeppe family you’re part of at some time migrated to Denmark?
    I was just wondering if I got distant family in South Africa….

  9. Hi

    My great grandfather was Herman Otto Frederich Carl Jeppe his brother was Julius Jeppe they imigrated to
    South Africa. Herman was a pharmacist as well as a doctor in South Africa. Julius was a business man
    in Johannesburg in the early golden years of Johburg.

    1. Grandson of Ludwig Heinrich Otto Landsberg Jeppe who was named in part after Otto Landsberg (pharmacist.snuff maker.painter) I am related to Julius Jeppe Founder of Jeppe high school. I am living in Kuruman South Africa . My predecessors are from Rostock . think I am more directly related to H O F C Jeppe than Julius I would like to know more if I could get some pointers

      1. hi. i see you email was from 2012 so i do hope you are still at this address.
        i am linked to the Jeppes and i am in South Africa. i would love to make contact with you. 100percent@iafica,com

      2. Hi Steven Alberts my parents and (me as a child then) and my grandmother (EO Jeppe Alers) have visited your great grandmother Rose Alberts in Johannesburg several times she have lived with my father’s niece aunt Dolly Lawrence and uncle Lawrence (thinking aunt Dolly was your great grandmother’s daugher! I’ve met your great grandmother aunt Rose and your grandfather uncle Jack as a child then! But also knew about an uncle Harold and aunt Edie also related to the Jeppe family. My great aunt Rose and my grandmother was Herman OCF Jeppe’s daughters from his second marriage.

  10. Hi Mimi

    I have got your mail, you send me after your meeting with Robbie Robinson.

    Best regards, Herbert

  11. Dear Mr. Peschel and Ingrid

    Hope you are well.

    I tried to reach you through the e-mail to thank you for the CD on the Jeppes I received I appreciate it. Very intresting to see the Jeppes house in Rostock and it’s still standing. I’ve wonder if there is still any property left in the Jeppes name. I see you are going to visit SA during September again. Let me know my Cell is 083 443 9878 and the work no. is 012 305 8480 if you want to contact me. I also want to try to came into contact with Jean Voigt who you have visited when you were here last time. Have you published your book yet?I was always interested in the Jeppe family because of my relations through my grandmother who was HOCF Jeppe’s daughter. Thanks for giving the info to Robbie Robinson. When he was walking towards me I just knew he was a Robinson and related to me through his great great grandfather who was mine as well, so we are niece and nephew through the centuries. Now I also knew about my great grandmother Rosa Ellen Robinson (Jeppe)due to Robbie. Seeing forward to your visit.
    Regards Mimi Prinsloo

  12. Dear Mimi Prinsloo
    Somebody has been calling my cellphone (ending in 4777) and asking for you. I have told them on numerous occasions that it’s the incorrect number! Please correct! thanks

  13. Hello all

    Just stumbled upon this page and quite happy to see a few other Jeppe Clan out there. 😉

    My father was Dr Carl Louis Biccard Jeppe.

    you can contact me on face book.

    Take Care All

  14. My father was born Francois Louis Biccard Pentz in South Africa, his grandfather Louis Biccard, who had two brothers, Willie and Joshua.
    Joshua Biccard went to Australia after the Boer War I think.
    With all the familiar names of Carl Louis and Joshua Biccard in your family, just wondered if you know the history of your ancestors from South Africa?
    Would love to hear if there is a connection between our families.

  15. hi Mimi
    i read you emial in 2008 only today
    i am also trying to get more info on the Jeppes
    my great grandmother was a sister of the Jeppes and Married a Captain Dietrich in Germany ( i’ve heard he was from Dresden) – they came to South Africa on honeymoon to visit her brothers and stayed – i would love to get more info on the Jeppe Family and the Dietrich family
    if you could help i would so appreciate it
    many thanks
    warm wishes

    1. Hi Carol

      Are you perhaps a cousin of my mother Betsy Dietrich, daughter
      of Moritz? perhaps uncle alec daughter?

      Desiree Whitehead076 3977823

    2. The first born daughter of Captain and Mrs Dietrich was Elsa, my great-grandmother. She married Denny Smithers and had 5 children, the youngest being William Smithers who was my grandfather. She wrote a fascinating autobiography called March Hare and in it are pictures of the Dieterichs when they first came to S.A. with Fred Jeppe on their honeymoon. They stayed for some months with Hermann Jeppe who was a great prankster and frightened them with a lion cub on a chair in their bedroom on their first night. I wonder if you have read the book and how you are related to the Jeppe and Dietrich families?

      1. If do you allowe Nils to give your mail-address to me, I will tell you the story how I belong to Jeppe family and why I wrote the “Jeppe Story”. Do you know that Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Jeppe and his brother Johann Bernhard Otto Jeppe wrote the first family-history, given by Ludwig Heinrich Gottlieb Jeppe 1895 to his coussins in Southafrica?
        Regards, Herbert

  16. Hi Sandra (Pentz)
    i would love to know know more about the Pentz family. my mother in law is Valerie (nee Pentz) – she was born in Bloemfontein in South Africa –
    i look forward to hearing from you
    warm wishes

    1. Hi, sorry I have only just picked up your request by chance. I have a second cousins Jeanne Jackson and Selwyn Bosch who are grandchildren of the Pentz’s. Jeanne has been compiling a Pentz family tree. Please email me and I will try and get her details for you. I know our grandparents were born in Wellington South Africa, later moved to Vryburg, not far from Bloemfontein. There were 6 sons, and 4 daughters, and yet I think there are only 3 Pentz’s to carry on the family name.

  17. Have just read your mail Carol my great great grandfather was Carl Otto Frederich Jeppe and he was married to Rose-Ellen Robinson they’ve had
    four daughters my aunts, Rose-Ellen (Alberts) the eldest, Kate (Muller/Mulder) second, Freda (van Duyck) and Ellen Ottillie Jeppe (Alers) my great grandmother. As far as I knew there was a sister maybe Clara Jeppe was this your great great grandmother who lived somewhere in Cape Town.

    I’m not sure about the other brothers and sisters only have info on Juluis Jeppe and my great great grandfather Carl Otto Frederich Jeppe.

    1. Hi Mimi, my great grandmother was Rose-Ellen Hermina Jeppe (married Alberts), she was born on 10/4/1875. Her son (my grandfather) Johannes Paulus “Jack” Alberts (born 17/7/1910) married my grandmother Johanna Machel Petronella Labuschagne (born 7/6/1910), they had 6 sons and 1 daughter. Could there be any possible relation with your great great grandfather Carl Otto Friederich Jeppe that married Rose-Ellen (Alberts)? I have a very strong family history with the Jeppe that immigrated from Germany and settled in South Africa.

    2. Hi, I have just read all these wonderful comments re the Jeppe Family. My great grandmother was Freda van Dyk (Jeppe) and my Grandmother was Ellen Rosa Bothma (van Dyk) who passed away in 2016…. — We all are related somehow… Would love to get a copy of the Jeppe family book…. my contact no is 0829208015
      Thanks so much
      Regards Belinda

  18. My father’s names was Jurie Johannes Hendrik de Witt Pentz and I am trying to get more information regarding the Pentz family? Is there anyone that have any information?

    1. Dear Barbara,
      Please read my reply above. Once I have managed to get the family tree that Jeanne Jackson has been compiling I will forward it to you.

      1. hi Sandra
        please may i also get a copy. it will make my mother in laws day. she’s now in her 90s
        thanks so much

  19. Question to all family-members

    You know that I´m writing the (german) Jeppe Story.

    In the moment I have problems with my chapter 13, sister Franziska and her husband Johann “Moritz Dietrich” who came in 1861.

    Someone there who knows the place of birth and the year. I have different informations, saying he was a “Saxon” – other say he came from Schließburg in Holstein? Also his year of birth, 1835, must be wrong. His wife Franziska was born 2. March 1830 in Rostock, thats fact. So Moritz was 5 years younger as his wife?

    Thank you for answering, Herbert

    1. Hello all together
      I think I have solved the secret around Moritz Dietrich!

      Our owner of this side, Nils, is also member of your big family. We have researched together and now I am persuaded, he belongs to the branch of the descendants of Johann Bernhard Otto Jeppe (Schwerin), the brother your ancestor Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Jeppe (Rostock).

      Best regards, Herbert

      1. Hello all together

        Last days I found a lot of documents on Moritz Dietrich in saxony state-library. 1838 he started education at “Royal-Saxony-Cadets-Academy” in Dresden, 6 years. Until 1849 he was Lieutenant, since 1853 I found him in rang first-lieutenant, and 1856 he was Captain and chief of the second compagnie in 10th. Infantry-Bataillon of the “Leib-Infantery-Brigade” staying in Dresden. His deputy was 1st. Lieutenant Freiherr von Lindemann.
        He is not born 1835 in Schliessburg Holstein as some told. I dont know in witch village, but he must born 1825 in saxony. And I am sure I found his father too, his name is Dr. Traugott Sigiesmund Dietrich, in 1856 he was senior-physician at “Königl. Kriegsschule – Cadetten and Artellerieschule” in Dresden, living in Ritter-Street No. 3.
        If someone will know somemore he must ask me.
        Regards, Herbert

    2. Have you read March Hare? It is a fascinating autobiography written by my great-grandmother Elsa Smithers, who was the first born daughter of Captain and Mrs Dietrich. She writes all about their pioneering days in South Africa and she absolutely adored her father. I have a copy of the book and am happy to share anything I can.

      1. Hi Nanette

        Yes, I found this book in Australia and bought it. I have also the book “The Caleidoskopic Transvaal” by Carl Jeppe and “Die Transvaal´sche oder südafrikanische Republik” written by Friedrich Jeppe in Potchefstroom 1868, the “last-will” of your forefather Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Jeppe in Rostock 1852 and a lot other documents of the family. Visit my homepage to see a and download lot of old fotos and documents, including the “Jeppe Story” last edition april 2011.
        Best regards, Herbert

  20. i just happen to have known a man who was a teacher at WA Universaty by his daughter Anne whome with i went to school. He was a nice man but not by his daughter’s saying so 🙁 do want to get in touch with Anne again!
    bye for now


    1. I would like to contact Anne Jeppe again. Can anyone send me a current email address or telephone number for her?
      I would appreciate any advice.

      Jim Rutherford

      1. If someone knows the address, ask Leigh Voigt in Schagen Mpumalanga! I hope this number is still right, 082 925 6489
        Regards, Herbert

    1. Some days ago I got this mail from Canada:
      Hi Herbert, Thank you so much for all the work and effort you have put into researching the Jeppe family and writing this book. This is truly a masterpiece! Thank you also for sending me the link to allow me access to this wonderful document.
      Please keep in contact. The invitation to stay over at my house in Calgary, Alberta stands whenever you visit Canada.
      Kind regards, Johann Jeppe

    2. …and this mail from Namibia
      Dear Herbert,
      Thank you very much I did receive my Jeppe Book and I download it already.
      May I thank you and say congratulation on a great job done. The Namibian part of Jeppes is very proud to have a book like this and may you and the people who helped you be blessed. All of the best for the future, Putzi Wurth (Namibia), Daughter of Francis Johanna Jeppe.

    3. …and this mail from the former headmaster of “Jeppe High School for Boy´s” in Joburg SA:
      Dear Herbert and Ingrid, Thank you so much for sending me the link for the Jeppe Story. It is truly a monumental piece of work worthy of all the many hours you have spent on it. Thanks again. The Jeppe Family in its fullest sense, and we at the schools are just a small part, are truly indebted to you.
      If you have plans to be in South Africa again, please get in touch with me.
      Best wishes, Kevin Tait

    4. Sorry, this Link is obsolate since some month. If someone like to get the today link, please contact me.
      Regards, Herbert

      1. I would like to have the link to The Jeppe Family story
        Otto Jeppe Kuruman ( Ludwig Heinrich Otto Jeppe )

      2. Hi Herbert, any possibility in obtaining a copy of the book you wrote, will be highly appreciated. I am currently researching the family history of my great grandmother Rose-Ellen Hermiena Jeppe (married Alberts), she was born on 10/4/1875. Her son (my grandfather) Johannes Paulus “Jack” Alberts (born 17/7/1910) married my grandmother Johanna Machel Petronella Labuschagne (born 7/6/1910), they had 6 sons and 1 daughter.

    5. Dear friends of the Jeppe family

      Microsoft has changed the conditions to the access to my SkyDrive. From now you need special release of Herbert A. Peschel. So write me, calls me, or give me on an other way your email address. Only then I can give to you a special release. It is a pity, however, Microsoft wants it in such a way.
      Best regards, Herbert

      1. Dear Mr Peschel, My name is Pieter Ascham and I am a great grandson of Julius Jeppe and his wife Edith Cowen. I would very much like to make contact with you to discover more about the family and how we are related.Looking forward to hearing from you, regards Pieter

        1. Hello Pieter
          I´ll ask Nils Jeppe for your address and after it I will send you a mail! Is it OK?
          Regards, Herbert

          1. Hi
            I am currently doing my family tree and my husbands family are descendants from the Jeppe family. I would love to have a copy to help me along. Your help would be very much appreciated.
            Kind Regards

  21. Do you know which person spended his name for the border-village “Jeppe´s Reef”?

    We visited this village several times and asked the teachers of the high-school there, but they could not answer our question.
    best regards, Herbert

    1. No South African knows, who gives his name for “Jeppe´s Reef”?
      The US American Professor Lindsey Frederick Braun from Oregon told me the right answer.

  22. My grandson is just enrolling for Jeppe High and when I mentioned his great great grandfathers sister Edith Grace Cowen married Julius Jeppe, Leigh Voigt was mentioned and am trying to get her on the phone but no luck. I believe she has the Jeppe family tree but wondered about if she has Grace’s family details. do you have an email address for her so I can try that.
    Best Regards Colin

    1. My grandmother was Edith Cowen, niece of Grace Cowen, who married Alfred Lawton in 1910. She had a brother Painton, married to Amy, who had two sons, Painton and Roddy and two daughters, Pat and I cannot recall the other whose surname was Brown and lived in Mossel Bay . I would like to learn more of the Cowen family as I did not listen as a teenager!

  23. Hello Herbet

    While browsing the web for info on my family tree. I decided to look up the
    name Dietrich which was my mothers maiden name,so was quite excited to see
    the info of the Jeppe family connection, have you heard of a book March Hare that
    was written by my grandfathers aunt Elsa Smithers who was married to a Jeppe.
    her father was captain Dietrich who with his wife came out to South Africa from
    Germany, my grandfathers name was Moritz, if any one would like to contact
    me who could fill me in with any info it would be great.

    Desiree Whithead 018 4687877 0763977823 Klerksdorp South Africa

  24. Last News from University of Rostock:
    Heinrich Theodor Karl Martienssen, son of Heinrich Theodor Carl Martienssen and Margarethe Luise Margarethe Martienssen, widowed wife of the former 2nd leading forester Joachim Theodorus Jeppe of Doberan, and born Benthusen. With it Heinrich Theodor Karl Martienssen step-brother of the Oekonomierath Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Jeppe in Rostock and his older brother, the lawyer Johann Bernhard Otto Jeppe in Pritzier/Hagenow. Heinrich Theodor Karl Martienssen was a Justice at court of Lübz.
    Source: “The Jeppe Story”, the history of the family Jeppe in Mecklenburg between 1650-1930 by Herbert A. Peschel

  25. Some news about Caroline Jeppe:
    You remember Caroline Jeppe (1796-1861), Carl Friedrich Wilhelm’s wife whom he married in 1818. Everywhere it was written she would be born in Warren. Up to here the history is right.
    Here it is about her mother Elise, a born Winter (in 1771-1854). She had separate from her husband innkeeper Westphal in Warren and leave her husband. The daughter Caroline she took with her, moved to Doberan and married there in the second marriage the court chemist Johann Joachim Framm (1775-1813). There in Doberan CFW Jeppe had got to know his Caroline! After the death of her second husband in 1813 Elise Framm she continued the chemist’s shop under the name “Johann Joachim Framm’s widow”, until her son Carl Ludwig Friedrich Framm took over the chemist’s shop presumably about 1826. In 1844 Ludwig Friedrich Framm founded own chemist’s shop ín Wismar.

    Later on he wrote, her son und stepbrother Carl Ludwig Friedrich Framm lived in CFW Jeppes house as he studied medicin in Rostock. In the “general forest and hunt newspaper” of 1841 I found CFW Jeppe and his Step-brother-in-law as organizers of the meeting of the German farmers and forestry experts in Doberan. The writer of the mail is Dr. Joachim Framm in Wismar.
    Best Regards, Herbert

    1. Caroline Jeppe, born Westphal, died 22. March 1861 in Doberan, so Abrecht Jeppe from Wächtersbach wrote some weeks ago. You remember Elsa Smither´s “March Hare” on Page 5, “when they heared that Francesca´s parents and my father´s mother had died, they decided not to go back…”. I think there is a little mistake with Francesca´s parents. It must be “Francesca´s mother died”, her father died long time before 1852 in Eilsen!

      1. Hi my name is Daniel Frances Jeppe, born 1969 in Kuruman, South Africa. I currently reside in Port Elizabeth.We are seven siblings of which five stay in the Port Elizabeth area, it’s both surprising and comforting to know that our family is spread all around the world.I am interested in the book that you authored on the family and would love to get a copy of it.It is also of great interest to realise that all of the historical names like Daniel Francis and Hermann,my two sons,are alive and well.All the other names like Otto,Julius,Carl,Ludwig,Heinrich are also represented in my siblings and their children.
        Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
        Niel Jeppe.

        1. I am Niel Jeppe’s Oldest brother and would like to get a copy of the book as well .
          Thank you
          Otto Jeppe

  26. Hura, hura, the Thünen-Yearbook 7/2012 of the “Thünengesellschaft e.V.” has just appeared under ISBN 9783848 216260 and on the page 161 – 173 you find my modest contribution under the title “Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Jeppe to the 160th day of death”. With 213 pages I was allowed to fill only just 6% of the book, however, at least, also in the preface praiseworthy to be called as a family researcher of famous Mecklenburg persons. This morning my specimen copy on the breakfast table lay beside English jam, boiled egg and liver sausage and has scarcely avoided the first grease mark on it. It´s already a great feeling if one goes to the author’s list and read your own name in a scientific book expenditure between professors, doctors, teaching representatives, to historians etc. of international universities like Rostock, Cologne, Linz, Giessen, Innsbruck and Luxembourg.
    Regards, Herbert

    1. Reply from Addis Abebe, Ehiopia.
      Dear Herbert, This is really great! A very big congratulations! You are inspiring. It must indeed be a very great feeling. I liked how you described it. Thank you for sharing it with me. It was an exciting weekend for Ethiopia considering the victories in
      the London Olympic.
      I wish you a very good week, Makda

    2. Thank you very much, Mr Peschel. This is very good news. Now we must find someone to fund publication of the English text. From a very cold Johannesburg!
      Tom Wheeler, Research Associate South African Institute of International Affairs.

      1. Tom Wheeler got the information that some Teachers from “Jeppe High School for Girl´s” tried to translate the “Jeppe Story” into English, as me the old headmaster of Jeppe Boy´s, Kevin Tait, told.

  27. Hi Herbert
    Well done.
    I will read it slowly and with a German-English dictionary next to me. I hope that you are enjoying summer.
    Regards, James

  28. Hello dear friends of Jeppe Family
    Yesterday I visit the “Bibliotheque Nationale de France” and found 10 pages Biographie written by Friedrich Heinrich Jeppe in 1883. If you like to have a copy, ask Leigh Voigt or me under Mail address peschel_a(et)hotmail.com

      1. Dear Otto Jeppe
        Please give me your mail-address, you can send it to my given address, or should I ask Nils Jeppe to give your address to me.
        Best Regards from Bremen in Germany, Herbert

  29. Hi,
    My name is Mayis and im 27 years old, living i sweden.
    I was wondering if somebody can get me in touch with Karen Jeppes now existing families? She meant very much for us armenians and I wish to say thanks personaly.
    Any help would be just wonderful.
    Best regards/ mayis

  30. Dear members and friends of Jeppe Family
    In the moment we try to reconstruct the person of “Max Kossel”, a son of the merchant, shipowner, banker and Consul of Hannover and Prussia in Rostock, Albrecht Enoch Kossel. “Max Kossel”, his full name is Max(imilian) Hans Friedrich Frantz Kossel, born 19..11.1860 in Rostock and died 24. Aug. 1906 in Johannesburg, burried on the old graveyard in Johannesburg-Braamfontain. He emigrated to Transvaal in 1886 and took part at 2nd. Boere War 1899-1902. He has had 2 daughters (?), their names we not know.
    If someone can give us more dates about Max Kossel we will be happy to hear from you.
    Regards, Herbert

    1. My father, Noel Hill, is the second son of Brian Cunningham Hill and Elise Jeppe, daughter of Julius Otte Jeppe. Noel lives in England now, father to Jill, Nicky and Philippa and grandfather to Benjamin and Daisy and great grandfather to Holly. He married Gladys Rosa Umney (nee West). Sadly, Brian and Elise’s eldest son, Roland Hill, died in the second world war as a Battle of Britain pilot. Their third son, Julian, named after Julius, died at the age of 70 in 2002. Elise and Brian married in Johannesberg and they travelled to India, where they lived happily as plantation owners, civil servant and army officer until just before the second world war when they retured to the UK, where Brian’s family ( descendents of Viscount Lord Rowland Hill who fought with Wellington during the Peninsular wars and at Waterloo) still lived. Elise and Brian set up a beautiful, happy home in Devon for displaced children of the war. They retired in Cornwall, in St Agnes, on land overlooking the Atlantic. Elise died in Truro, Cornwall, in 1970. Brian died in Cornwall in 1979. Elise was a marvellous cook and passed her skills and passion to us, her grandchildren, when we holidayed with her in Cornwall. She is remembered through the donation of a bible and a stained glass window in Fairwarp Church, East Sussex, where Julian was a church warden. The full Julius Jeppe connections and family tree can be accessed through my father, Noel, who has a number of Jeppe family artefacts and has researched the Jeppe family connections, throughout the last four centuries, well before some of them emigrated to South Africa. I hope that the above is helpful to any researcher of the Jeppe family history.
      Jill Hill

  31. Jeppeite? Well what do you know. I came across this site while helping my daughter with a school project. She is researching the art of Ludwig Heinrich Otto Landsberg, who was my great, great grandfather. I actually have a two volume set of books on mining, which were authored by Carl Biccard Jeppe, in my library.

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