Ah! My Goddess

Ah My Goddess is a Japanese animated short series. The plot is very simple; when dialing a wrong number the protagonist basically gets a goddess delivered to his doorstep who offers him to fulfill a wish. Thinking it’s a joke played on him, he replies that he’d like to stay with a girl just like her forever.

The wish is granted and the goddess moves in with him. Subsequently, two of the goddesses’ sisters follow, and five episodes revolve around the question of whether or not the guy and his goddess can stay together when faced with complications like that.

The shows premise isn’t all that bad and there are some funny moments; but the series feels hurried and many of the jokes just aren’t very funny. The drawings aren’t special either (nice design on the goddess and the youngest of her sisters though).

Ah! My Goddess is watchable on a really boring rainy Saturday afternoon but you can safely ignore it without missing out on much.

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